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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 22 98 16:57
: Alexey Stepanov 28 98 14:51
: [2/3] RU.ANIME FAQ

Ohayou gozaimasu, Alexey!
Alexey Stepanov wa Anime FAQ Master ni kaita...
AFM>> A: y, , pp,
AFM>> p: Akira (p) Ghost in the Shell
AFM>> (pp ) My Neighbor Totoro ( p).
"py" y py. - .

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 22 98 16:58
: Maxim Krutyko 28 98 14:51
: y ?

Ohayou gozaimasu, Maxim!
Maxim Krutyko wa Mikhail Ramendik ni kaita...
                             , y p p :( , . H
                             - y. y y, p
               , y , ? Hy py
               y -y ?
! ? ypy, . y y .
               - -y y y .
               y , pp -
               . p. y...
               ( p;)
, y . y, . y
py. , p p ( p) p p

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 22 98 17:54
: All 28 98 14:51
: [01/07] EVA FAQ

=== Cut ===
Q: Do you have any proof that Lilith is the first Angel?
A: Yes, but don t forget, Lilith was only the first Angel that man
discovered, not, I repeat NOT the very first Angel. It is clearly stated in
the TV Series and the Films that Adam was the Angel at the site of the
Second Impact in September of the Year 2000A.D. Lilith has been around
since long before then.
The reason? Humans had already started the Human Compliment Program long
before the Second Impact (one of the reasons that Gainax has stated that
Adam had come was to warn us that we were travelling down the wrong road to
evolution using cloning) when Adam arrived, but we already had some sort of
Angel "technology" at our disposal (not Evangelion Units [they were spawned
from Adam], but the artificial Angel cloning project to hasten the Third
Impact and such).
Also, look at SEELE s logo It is the "Seven Eyes of Lilith." But SEELE has
been around since looooooong before the Second Impact. And don t you think
that SEELE (or to be more precise, Keel Lorenz) would need more proof than
just the Dead Sea Scrolls to believe that the next step in man s evolution
was nearing? He s not that gullible or simple minded, and the body and soul
of Lilith would go a long way in convincing him.
It has also been said that EVA-01 itself is a clone of Lilith and not Adam.
This is just somebody s speculation (especially because the Evangelions are
"Evas", or "Eve" meaning "from Adam"), so take it with a truckload of salt.
And don t forget that clones are supposed to actually look something like
the beings from which they are replicated from. EVA-01 doesn t look like
Lilith (even without her mask), but it does look identical to Adam (i.e.
same shape, they both have cores in the same place [Lilith doesn t even
have one showing], and they both have yellow wings [Lilith s are white]).
And "yes", Lilith is really an Angel (contrary to one rumor floating
arround). How else would most of the Shito be fooled that she was Adam if
she was not Angel herself (trust me, they re not that dumb to believe a
non-Angel entity was the being from which they came)?
Q: Why do you say that Adam is the Second Angel, and why do you say that
his fate is that he is freed to return to Heaven after the Third Impact? In
the TV Series it is stated that Adam had vanished after the Humans failed
to shrink him.
A: Adam is not the Second Angel, but the second Angel that mankind
encounters (for the same reasons stated above).
How was he released to return to Heaven after the Third Impact? Well,
mankind was no longer around to keep him imprisoned after the Third Impact
started. When it is seen just how easily Lilith and Yui (as the soul of
Eva-01) escaped their bonds to help complete the Impact, it is easily
conceivable to believe that Adam could do the same when that much
"Heavenly" or "Angel Energy" is enveloping the Earth. Hmmm? Not to mention
the fact that Angels share a 99+% genetic similarity with the humans that
are trying to evolve and return to Heaven themselves.
Also, in the movie Rebirth or End of Evangelion Misato (the only survivor
of the Katsuragi Expedition that made first contact with Adam and his
warnings) said that the reason that Adam blew up was because we succeeded
in shrinking him to embryo form to keep his powers at a minimum to keep
damages low when more Angels were prophecied to come in search of him (his
embryo form might even prevent the "destructive" Third Impact altogether).
Q: I keep reading all over that there were actually 18 Angels. Are these
people loco or am I just seeing things?
A: You re not seeing things. What they are referring to is during the EVA
Rebirth/End of EVA movie, Misato says something to the effect of "We are
the 18th Angel, born from the source of life, Lilith. Other angels are
possibly a seperate race of beings who threw away their physical forms.
They were doomed to a sad existence of betrayal and pain because they
rejected each other. We, people are the same." A dry and bitter remark that
Tabris wasn t the final Angel, mankind is. It s just a comment at how
destructive people can be to their fellow man (especially when they break
into your base of operations and shoot at anything that moves!).
The Dead Sea Scrolls in the series clearly state that 17 Heavenly
Messengers will visit the Earth (that s what the members of SEELE say on a
number of occasions). Not 18. By saying that man is the final Angel Misato
is showing her utter distaste for all humanity (just as she loathed the
Angels themselves).
People keep posting Misato s comment and taking it at face value which is
wrong. If mankind truly was the final Angel (or an Angel at all for that
matter) why did this whole song and dance thing have to occur? If man was
the final Angel, a simple touch with Lilith would have begun the Third
Impact. Or, when we came in contact with Adam we would have initiated the
destructive Third Impact and the series would have been over before it
began. Trust me, mina-san, Katsuragi was only being sarcastic.
Q: You know, the Angel insignia that most Angels have on their heads or
chests looks just like the symbol for Lucifer! This means that you re wrong
man! The Angels were sent from Satan and not God! F*** you, man! You re so
wrong and you don t even know it!!
A: I actually get that kind of reaction a lot, but in this case it is you
that is wrong. The "Angel Insignia", as you call it, only appears on a few
of the Shito that attack Tokyo-3. And while the "insignia" (pictured here)
does resemble the picture of Lucifer (pic on the left) that does not mean
that the Angels are evil. In fact it means quite the opposite. You see,
Lucifer was once a Heavenly Angel just like Michael, Gabriel and the rest
of them, but then he fell from grace and turned evil. If the white
bird-skull looking thing truly is the mark of the Angels, then wouldn t it
seem right that Lucifer had it too? After all, he was God s right hand
Angel at one point.
It has also been written somewhere that the 17 Shito could be "Renegade
Angels" who attack humanity to keep them from evolving and out of the
Heaven that they can never return to. This would be the reason that they
are so destructive and uncaring towards humanity. This does not appear to
be true. The reason that they are so ruinous to man s cities (well,
battle-cities) and armed forces is because we attack them. All they want to
do is return to Adam in the fastest and most direct manner. We have him
contained and guarded like there s no tomorrow, we just get in their way.
Also, the final Angel, Tabris, proves that Shito aren t ultimately evil and
malevolent in nature. He was a caring creature who allowed himself to die
so that humanity could make its own choice for its future.
Q: So, does Kaworu have any parents? If so, who are they? You mentioned
that he was "born" on the exact day of the Second Impact.
A: No parents that we know of, but don t forget that almost nobody in
Shinji s class has any. And it s only through SEELE s "official records"
=== Cut ===



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