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: [02/07] EVA FAQ

=== Cut ===
that we find out what day he was supposedly born. For all we know every
Angel could have been born on the day of the Second Impact and they haven t
come to maturity until recently. The Second Impact may have released them
from Adam in Antarctica. The date "September 13, 2000" may have any number
of meanings seeing as SEELE knows that Kaworu is the final Angel. His birth
date could have only been used to try and fool NERV long enough for Kaworu
to infiltrate Terminal Dogma.
Q: I ve been told that Rei is actually the Second Angel, can this be true?
I thought she was just a clone with angel DNA.
A: ".............................................."
Since Ikari Gendo refuses to answer this one I ll take a stab at it myself.
Hi, Misato Katsuragi here. From all the information I ve gathered on the
subject, I would have to say "no". All her synchro tests we have performed
on her over the years indicate she is more human that Angel (definitely not
100% Angel). And given that she had such trouble synchronizing and piloting
with an EVA (granted, the screwed up Unit-00) it is assumed that she has
only a little Lilith in her (especially when it is seen what a real Angel
[Kaworu] can do with an EVA).
Also there s the fact that the only things mentioned that are definitely
from Adam are the EVAs themselves (first this disproves Rei as Angel number
two because if the EVAs are from her, she would be able to control them
like a part of her [like Tabris], second, Rei only first appears after the
Human Compliment Program is in full swing at Gehirn and the EVA s are
already in the test phases). And when Rei finally merges with Lilith in End
of Evangelion Lilith says "Welcome home." Remember that all humans are from
Lilith. She wouldn t say that to an Angel (who cannot and do not even want
to unite with her). And, all Angels have to return to Adam (the second
Angel), so why don t they try to merge with Rei (even the sixteenth Angel,
Armisael, didn t sense that she was the one that it had to return to after
it had bio-fused with her a little). Interesting, huh?
Not to mention that when Kaworu finally confronts her he says "We are the
same" (meaning she has Angel DNA too), but he makes no mention that she is
Adam, the being he must recur to. He seemed like a smart cookie, I mean he
figured out that Lilith was the one on the cross, didn t he?
But I shouldn t get too carried away, because there is some evidence that
Rei is the second Angel. There are a lot of little clues dropped throughout
the series that just pass right by if you re not looking for them (like the
few times Rei appears as an apparition to Shinji in the streets of Tokyo-3,
and her really strong AT Field, her red eyes just like Kaworu, and the fact
that SEELE got royally pissed when Ritsuko told them about her [although
this could just be attributed to the fact that they now knew of Commander
Ikari s ultimate plan for his own Impact]).
It s also been theorized that both Rei and Kaworu are the 17th Angels: One
sent to destroy man, and one to save him. This makes a little more sense
than Rei being the Second Angel, but there is still not enough evidence to
make any clear hypothesis. So, until Gendo sees fit to tell all of us,
we ll just have to guess.
Q: What is the difference between getting killed and evolving to the next
and final stage of evolution? What happens if one gets killed before the
Third Impact occurs (i.e. Misato and Ritsuko)?
A: Supposedly (according to the Bible) when humans die, their souls are
judged on the actions that they performed when they were alive and they
either return to Heaven from hence they came, or they go to Hell if their
existence on Earth was wasted and their evil deeds outdid their good ones.
The Third Impact (by Lilith) merges Mankind into one being of pure Heavenly
light and energy (the Son of God loves pure light) to be judged as a whole
in the next life (which is the final step in evolution) for its sins and
good deeds. Through the Bible it is also thought that "Angels" are holier
than human souls in Heaven, but it is impossible for humans to become
Angels. Angels have always been Angels from the beginning of it all, and
humans were never Angels, and therefore technically could never be. But
through the Third Impact it appeared that Keel and I would be able to
"evolve" mankind into an Angel and therefore become an entity that would
know eternal bliss in God s Kingdom despite our sinful lives on Earth.
However, the "Judgement of Humanity" as individuals would still occur if
the Third Impact was started by a Shito returning to Adam. Humanity would
not evolve into one pure creature, but would die as individuals and each
soul would be arbitrated on the deeds of each seperate individual.
As a whole, man is gentle and kind (especially when surrounded by pure and
holy Angel energy), it s only in seperate entities that the evil emerges.
So, with the Constructive Third Impact, everyone (who participates in it)
becomes one "man" (or Angel) and gets a free ticket to the next state of
human development (Heaven). This is the only way that a man like Keel
Lorenz could possibly be allowed into Heaven, and at the end of the Third
Impact (and the movie) it appears that he had finally received his wish.
Q: What is "GeoFront"? What does if have to do with anything?
A: GeoFront is a huge underground city that lies underneath Tokyo-3. It was
built using a pre-existing valley that was originally at sea level (before
the Second Impact) and made to house NERV HeadQuarters and to hide Adam and
keep Lilith safe until the time of the Third Impact was at hand.
It is heavely guarded from Angel attacks with numerous armor plating and
the "defense city" itself, Tokyo-3 (whose main purpose was to protect
GeoFront). Its main problem in terms of defense was that it had no real
security against actual humans (i.e. Kaworu or the entire Japanese
Strategic Self Defense Force).
There is a large forest and lake in Geofront too.
When the Third Impact began, it was clear that GeoFront had another purpose
to it. The giant hollowed out cavity was in reality the Black Moon (aka the
Egg of Lilith) which is where all human life began to end (don t worry,
there s no test on this).
Q: How can you be sure that Misato killed Kaji? We only see that she got
her gun and NERV ID back before the incident, but I don t quite see if it
is enough evidence. Is there something that I ve missed?
A: Yes. Misato gets her gun back and in the very next scene (but not mere
seconds after [it s called a "cut" people]) we see Kaji welcoming someone
that he has been waiting for and obviously knows well in a very secluded
place. Then he is shot.
Later, Misato arrives home (very upset) before anyone could have discovered
the body and gotten the news to her that Kaji had been killed. She then
listens to his message on the machine and is totally destroyed (listen to
the message again, Kaji knows that he is going to die soon and he is clear
that he wanted to see Misato to tell her something important ["those words
he couldn t say eight years ago"]). Too bad she recently gave up drinking.
Boy that s gotta suck!
=== Cut ===



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