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: [03/07] EVA FAQ

=== Cut ===
Lots of readers have written in reminding me that Hideaki Anno himself has
stated that only "somebody either from NERV or SEELE shot Kaji". They said
that when the condemned man said "You re a little late, aren t you," to the
unseen assailant he was just expecting his death (and not necessarily
Misato) after double crossing both NERV and SEELE simply to know the truth.
I have faith, however, that Anno would make something as tragic as Kaji s
death even more tragic by allowing it to come about from the only person
who ever truly loved him (i.e. Misato).
Also, when the NERV MP gave back Misato s badge and gun he says that Kaji
"is being taken care of." While this led others to suspect someone else,
don t you think that the MP would know that someone as manipulative as me
would be playing Katsuragi like a game of mah-jong and that they were
insinuating that by giving her back her gun this was how it was going to be
"taken care of"? She, just like everybody in NERV was just my little puppet
doing my work for me.
Q: What is up with the ProtoType Eva Unit 00? When Rei is testing it
(episode 5) and also when Shinji tests it in a later episode, it goes
psycho and does a lot of damage to itself and to its pilots. Ritsuko also
made a comment that it was trying to kill her. Why does this happen?
A: To start things off, every Eva unit seems to have the mind or soul of a
female in it in one form or another. The EVA-01 has Ikari Yui trapped in it
(which is how she disappeared in 2004), EVA-02 has Asuka s biological
mother s mind in it (which is what caused her to go crazy), and it is Akagi
Naoko s demented psyche that is trapped in EVA-00. Although Naoko suffered
from no noticable breakdown from her initial synchro test back when NERV
was Gehirn (unshown in the series), it is assumed that the "ghost" that her
mind left in the Eva was seriously disturbed.
The fact that it went Berserker when Rei and Shinji were piloting it (both
spawned from the hated Yui Ikari) and took swipes at Ritsuko (the daughter
who tried to seperate herself as far as possible from her mother) goes a
long way in proving this. It goes crazy because it does not want to have to
synchro with its pilots, or it has an overwhelming urge to attack those
that it sees in front of it.
*Psssst* Misato here again. I just wanted to tell you that there s also a
possibility that Yui tested the Unit00 prior to her Unit01 synchro test,
and that maybe even Commander Ikari Gendo himself tested the prototype and
left a "ghost" soul in it even though his mind seemed okay afterwards. This
is only theory, but both prospects kinda make sense when you think about
who the units attack when they go berserk (i.e. Ritsuko, Rei, and Gendo).
Its mind must be totally confused over who it was and who or what it
became. Ja ne!
Q: What exactly are those Magi Super computers? And how is "Magi"
A: The Magi Bio-Super Computers are the brainchildren (literally) of Dr.
Akagi Naoko. She was a brilliant scientist who was "enticed" into creating
the ultimate computer by me back when NERV was known as Gehirn. The Three
Magi were named after the Three Wise Men that visited Jesus Christ when he
was first born in Bethlehem. They brought their King of Kings gifts of
gold, frankincense and myrrh. The Magi System doesn t bring gifts of wealth
and fragrance to their king (me), but they do bring me power, security and
brilliant strategies in combating Angels and SEELE.
The three Super Computers are even named after the Three Wise Men in the
Bible. They are Melchior-1, Balthasar-2 and Casper-3. Each one of them is
programmed and able to work independently of each other and together (not
as one mind, but as three separate minds in one body....sound familiar?).
Each Magi has a separate personality programmed into it that reflects that
of their creator. Melchior is Naoko as a scientist, Balthasar is her
motherly mind, and Casper is Naoko as a woman. Casper is the Magi that
halted Akagi Ritsuko s countdown when she tried to self-destruct the Super
Computers, and therefore NERV in order to prevent me from initiating my own
version of the Third Impact. Naoko always loved me best.
The Three Magi were also used to destroy an Angel by themselves (Ireul, the
11th Angel) and to keep SEELE from taking over NERV HQ for awhile (but not
for long) in End of Evangelion. They are the fastest and smartest
artificial intelligence on the planet. They have actual human brains
integrated into their system for easier interface and faster cogitating.
The name "Magi" is pronounced "madge-eye" in the English language. But in
Shin Seiki Evangelion the name is pronounced "maggh-ie". It s just easier
on the Japanese tongue.
Q: How did this whole crazy mess get started, what with the Angels, and
SEELE and NERV? How does everything work together?
A: I hope you have some time. It all began a long time ago with Keel
Lorenz. While it is known that he is the oldest living human on the planet,
it is only hypothesized that he is the Wandering Jew of Biblical legend. He
was able to decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls and find out how man s next and
final evolution was to come about. He did his best to force mankind down
the path toward the highest point of existence without many people knowing
it except for those in his secret organization known only as SEELE (German
for "soul"). At some point in the past (totally unkown) he had acquired the
Angel Lilith and began experimenting on her with human DNA to see if a
premature and artificial Impact could lead man back to Heaven.
Some point before the turn of the millenium a brilliant young scientist by
the name of Ikari Yui joined the ranks of SEELE. She soon learned of Keel s
plans by reading the Dead Sea Scrolls herself, and quickly got her
boyfriend (eventually "husband") and eventually her moral and intelligent
Sensei (Kozo Fuyutsuki) involved in order to stop a madman from destroying
the world. Fuyutsuki and I joined the secret organization Gehirn right
before the $#*% hit the fan. Even though we did not believe that what
Lorenz was doing was right, the only chance that we had to fight his
ultimate design was to continue working for him in the hope that we might
be able to stop his plans from inside the clandestine world agency.
In September of the year 2000 the Second Impact occured in Antarctica. Adam
had come to retrieve his wife and warn us to stop our unholy path towards
Heaven. Cloning was considered "playing god" and God was not happy. Adam
was then captured and shrunk down to embryo size at the cost of more than
half the world s population (this was done to insure that the 17 messengers
would come to induct the final test that mankind would edure). Keel didn t
care. He was one step closer to eternal rest.
Soon after the devastation of the Antarctic Incident Yui and I married and
our son Shinji was brought into the world. Due to an accident that occured
when Yui was attempting to synchronize with the EVA-01 in the year 2004,
she was completely absorbed into the faux Angel s consciousness and never
came out. After a rescue attempt at saving my wife from her 400% synchro
=== Cut ===



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