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: [04/07] EVA FAQ

=== Cut ===
with the Unit 01 failed (due to Akagi Naoko s tampering) my world was
shattered and my goal changed from saving man to personally leading him to
the Final Impact so that I could be reunited with with my wife. It was at
this point that I personally went to SEELE and asked to head the Human
Compliment Project along with Project E. My beloved Yui was secretly cloned
(some trace parts of her were saved from her failed experiment) with a
mixture of Lilith s DNA to form Ayanami Rei (as a seperate part of my own
Human Instrumentality Project). I continued to have an affair with Naoko in
order to get her to complete the Magi Systems. Then, the day they were
complete she found out from Rei I that I was only using her. She killed the
clone and then herself. It didn t matter as soon after NERV was sanctioned
by the UN and officially put in charge of two important projects: the Human
Instrumentality Project and Project EVA (or Project E).
With my wife gone, I tore loose all connections to humanity except one,
Ayanami Rei.
A few years later the Angels returned and the rest, as they say, is
Q: After all this, I don t think you (or any other page for that matter)
have answered the question that has been asked since the beginning which is
"Why can only fourteen year old children pilot the EVAs?"
A: Neither the TV show or End of Evangelion have answered this question
outright, which is really weird because it is the whole reason the show
exists. Why are these young children the only ones that can pilot these
(General Purpose Humanoid Decisive Combat Weapon Artificial Human) beasts?
There are hints dropped as to why, but nothing has been clearly stated in
either the series or by Anno or Gainax themselves.
It has something to do with the Second Impact (which occured 15 years ago),
seeing as all of the prospective pilots are Shinji s age and kept in his
school for safe keeping. It is also known that none of these future pilots
has a mother, although most of (if not all) their fathers all work for
NERV. Maybe a candidate s mother (or just a woman) was needed to synch with
an EVA first (giving it a human soul) in order to give the children a
synchronization rate high enough to communicate with the man made
Angels.....Do you remember how many EVA skeletons there were in the
graveyard when Ritsuko showed the cloning tank to Shinji and Misato? There
were a helluva lot. Although this may not fully splain the whole
"children" deal, it begins to make a little more sense.
Also, the fact that EVAs were not originally built as weapons, but simply
as tools to start an artificial Third Impact adds a little more mystery to
it (i.e. it wasn t planned to have these children pilot them from the
Q: Would I be correct in saying that the EVAs are simply Angels spawned
from Adam DNA with human technology and that they are controlled through
the armor in which they are cased?
A: No. EVAs are not pure clones of Adam just like Rei is not a pure clone
of Lilith. They were created using his blueprints, but the final design
became something else entirely.
The EVAs are not controlled through their armor (it only keeps them from
growing and it confines their savageness). The EVA Units are controlled by
their pilots or by their dummy plugs. The main problem with Project E is
that we do not/cannot understand the EVAs completely. We built them through
super-science and great advancements in cloning procedures, but we still
don t understand their full power or most of their capabilities. The EVAs
are the only weapons that we could use that were powerful enough to destroy
the avenging Angels, but as Kaworu so ironically put it: We hate Angels,
but we use them to try to save ourselves.
Q: Gendo never showed any affection toward Shinji. Why? I mean, he loved
Yui so much, wouldn t he love their son even more?
A: Well, after Yui disappeared I virtually disowned Shinji. My plans for
humanity s Complimentation would consume me as I tried to somehow ressurect
my wife through my own form of the Third Impact. He was raised by my
brother and his Sensei. By the time he was needed back at NERV, he was as
distant to me as any of the other children (besides Rei). I raised Rei, but
not my own son. I also had to focus on the goals of Project E and the Human
Instrumentality Project. Shinji was just one player out of many involved in
both. Not to mention the fact that Shinji is a total wuss. All of these
factors add up to why I might seem so distant to my own flesh and blood.
I do feel regret and understand all the harm I had caused him (and my own
hedgehog dilema relationship I had with him) when the Third Impact occurs
and the reality of the evil I had committed against my own son hits me like
a brick. My passion and love for my wife grew into a dark obsession that
turned me into a cold and unfeeling creature when she originally vanished.
When Yui first reappears to me during mankind s final moments on this
planet I realised that I had grown too cold to love anybody anymore. In
fact, my final words in this life are "I m sorry", right before the giant
EVA apparition devours me.
EVA Movie
Q: What elements were needed to launch the Third Impact?
A: First of all, there are two kinds of Third Impacts: The Destructive
Impact (within an Angel would return to Adam and every man would simply
die); and the Constructive Third Impact (where Lilith is the key Angel and
every man becomes a single component and "evolves" into the next life
straight to Heaven).
In order for the Destructive Third Impact to occur, a being known as a
Shito must come into contact and return to Adam.
To simply let the Constructive Third Impact take place, mankind needed:
-to defeat all 17 Angels through a variety of difficult means, each one
more complicated or intricate than the previous;
-to contain Adam and Lilith (Adam to keep him from taking Lilith away and
to in turn get the prophesied seventeen Angels to make their appearances,
and Lilith to begin the Impact);
-a manmade Angel with a human soul (or an Eva);
-and have the Lance of Longinus (also known as the Spear of Destiny) in
their possession.
(Note, it has been proven that simple contact between an EVA, the Lance,
and Lilith cannot cause an Impact before the Seventeen messengers from God
have been vanquished. And even then, the EVA and the Lance (the Lance
penetrating the EVA s core) must start the Impact before Lilith can combine
with them to complete it.)
Or, a pure Angel coming in contact with Lilith would do the job (which is
why SEELE tried to trick Kaworu into touching her after the Lance was
lost). However, the Angels do not want to come in contact with Lilith, they
simply want to return to Adam. It s a game of deception and tricks in which
SEELE is willing to play dirty at, especially after Keel Lorenz finds out
that Rei is my own trump card in deciding the fate of the world. (EVAs
themselves cannot be used as a key to Lilith. They are not "Angel" enough.
Only with the Lance of Longinus do they have enough "Heavenly Material" to
start the Impact.)
=== Cut ===



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