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: [05/07] EVA FAQ

=== Cut ===
In order to have my vision of the Third Impact take place all I needed was
the above ingredients (except for an Eva and the Lance) and Rei, with whom
I would merge and control the Impact and therefore be reunited with my
wife, Yui (who was my only Complimentation and the reason for me doing
everything I could to initiate the Human Instrumentality Project). However,
Rei refused to combine with me and then Shinji and Eva-01 refused to
combine with her therefore destroying mankind s only hope of evolving past
its Darwinian dead end and my personal salvation....or maybe it did proceed
(see below for meaning)
The Lance of Longinus is named after the soldier that stabbed Christ in his
side at the Crucifixion.
Q: So SEELE was helpless without the Lance of Longinus in beginning the
Third Impact after Rei and Eva-00 hurled it into the moon?
A: No. Keel Lorenz makes it clear that when the Lance was thought to be
lost that they still had another key to our evolutionary jumpstart. All
SEELE had to do was use an Angel like I was planning to use Rei. It is
obvious that he originally wished to keep some control of the Impact by
using an EVA, the Lance, and Lilith, but when the Lance was gone he just
wanted to get it over with. He must have decided that eternal sleep was
atleast a consolation prize for his long quest even though he could not
become a god by controlling the Impact and merging with Lilith himself.
SEELE had been working on an artificial Lance of Longinus, but it is
assumed that unlike their fully functional S2 Drives, the Lances were never
fully completed (although the EVAs 05-13 never got the chance to test the
replicas themselves on Lilith before the EVA-01 called back the real Spear
of Destiny from the moon).
Rei has the same DNA information that is encoded in the Lance. Therefore,
she could be used as Lilith s Key too.
Q: Okay, so episodes 25 and 26 of the TV series really happened, but what
do they really mean? They re pretty farged up, ya know.
A: It s a little difficult to explain, but in reality it s not Shinji
that s questioning if others like him and why he exists at all if all he
does is run away, it s Hideaki Anno. Try this: Whenever Shinji says "I" or
"me" in the final two episodes of Eva, substitute either "Studio Gainax" or
"Anno". Whenever the EVAs are mentioned, substitute "Project EVA" (the
animation). And anytime Shinji wonders if "other people" like him, replace
it with either "rival studios" or "the audience".
You see, Anno was almost as screwed up as Shinji-kun is, but he got better
(in his own mind at least, where it counts). One has to remember that
Gainax was the ugly duckling of the Japanese Anime community. They were
doing things that nobody had ever done before and other studios (and even
the otaku) were calling them stupid and insane. Anno simply put these fears
to animation and made the best damn series the world has ever known. He has
since said that Project EVA has helped him figure out who he is and that he
is OK now.
Q: I saw in a magazine these EVAs (Angels?) that are white and had wings
with a big double-bladed and double-edged sword. What are they?
A: They are the EVA Mass Production Models 05-13 and they work for SEELE,
and not NERV. They have working S2 Engines (which means that they have no
need for a power cable to supply them with energy [like EVA-01 later in the
series and the Angels]), and wings, as you ve mentioned, which allow them
to fly. Each of them are identicle and they have all been produced in the
rest of the G7 nations (including China and Russia) besides Japan.
Each of the Units is piloted by the Kaworu Dummy Plug System which allows
them to operate without a real child inside its Entry Plug, just Kaworu
Nagisa s mind copied and programmed into the plug system. The Mass
Productions Models main weapon is its sword-like weapon which is really a
replica of the Lance of Longinus. It is used to cut through EVA-02 s HT,
uh, I mean AT Field like a hot knife through butter. The replica Lance had
not been perfected at the time of their attack on Geofront (i.e. it is
assumed that they could not be used to initiate the Third Impact because
the real Lance had been placed out of SEELE s reach before they could fully
copy it), but it was a deadly weapon none-the-less.
The Mass Production Models can also regenerate mutilated and severed body
parts in almost no time at all (much faster than the Angels and the first
three EVAs). When Asuka had originally KO d the nine invading EVAs in the
Rebirth/End of Evangelion movie, none of them exploded, and even though
they were in worse shape than most of the actual Angels were when NERV s
EVAs were through with them, they didn t die.
Instead, they healed themselves almost instantaneously and proceeded to rip
apart and devour Asuka s EVA-02 while she sat helpless in her unpowered
Unit. This ability of regeneration, along with their unsatiated lust for
blood lead them to be tagged as "More Angel than Angel, and more volatile
than Eva s".
The only way that they were stopped was when an enraged Shiji entered the
battle and the real Lance of Longinus was called back from the moon. It was
at this point that the Third Impact began and the true purpose of the giant
white devils was revealed. They were to either attempt to start the Impact
themselves, or force Shinji to begin man s countdown to eternal oblivion.
They attached themselves to the EVA-01 and flew up to the Heavens where
they became a giant Tree of Life, and all of human life on Earth began to
It was at this point that the heads of SEELE began their Ahki Chi no
Misohgi (purification ceremony) to prepare themselves for the final ride.
The trip home.
Q: I keep seeing that Tree of Life thingie (aka Systema Sephirotica [or
even System Sephiroth]) all over the place in the series, the movies and
even on other pages. What the hell is it and why is it what the EVAs
transform into during the Third Impact?
A: The Tree of Life plays a pretty big role in the story of Evangelion.
After all, the Sephiroth is a map between humankind and God. It esentially
gives directions on how to get to Heaven (and don t forget that it was also
the Tree of Wisdom that brought about mankind s downfall in the Garden of
Eden, and so it goes that the Tree of Life will bring us back to Eternal
Happiness ^_-). Perhaps "enlightened" people (i.e. people that had gone
through the trials of the Sephiroth) were needed for the Third Impact and
became their own type of "god".
The story goes that mankind stole the Fruit of Wisdom from the Tree of
Wisdom and learned science and logic and were driven from Paradise (but
with this science we created the EVAs and the Human Complementation
Project). The Angels were instead allowed to eat from the Tree of Life and
gained eternal spirits.
[To begin with, the Tree of Life consists of ten rings and 22 lines (which
is the primary mandala of the Jewish Kabalah). Through a symbolic process
of manifistation (or FORCE precipitating into FORM) the force in
organization undergoes an increase in complexity and density on descending
the Tree.
=== Cut ===



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