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: [06/07] EVA FAQ

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The rings are called Sephirah (or Major Paths of Wisdom) and represent
established forms of existence (form concepts) as they divide up God (each
being a different aspect of God). The lines are called the Minor Paths of
Wisdom and represent established forms of consciousness (force concepts).]
All the info in the red brackets above is from the Evangelion Revelation
Page (check out the links section^_- ) with Neflite s help.
The gist of the System is it is a means of converting us humans (from
Malchut) to God (at Keter and beyond) and vice versa. Basically, each
different aspect is a bit more advanced and beyond mere mortal s limited
comprehension (one has to advance to the next Sephirah in order to come
close to understanding the following one).
Shinji could ve been charted to go through all these tests of the System,
but finally refused the last one, the last synchronization - Keter. The
virtue for Keter is "Completion of the Great Work". Since Shinji s Eva was
in the position of Yesod (Foundation) which takes the physical aspects of
Malchut (Kingdom, or Earth - where we humans are) and converts them to
spirits (which Rei/Lilith was consuming), if our good old wuss-boy Shinji
stopped, then the spirits stopped coming too@_@
The Angels, by extraction, were elevated beings as well (much higher than
lowly unenlightened humans). That s what humanity needed for the Third
Impact, to become a kind of elevated being themselves and enter Heaven,
enlightenment. To become their own Ein Soph. (or Ayn Sof - without name).
Below you will find each of Shinji s trials for the Sephiroth (they re in
chronological order):
Malchut, kingdom - Hard to tell. This is the earth Sephira, so he might not
have had to do anything but be born. But since Malchut s virtue is
discrimination , I think it was probably his refusal to enter the Eva-01
for me, but to do it for the right reason - Rei.
Yesod, foundation - Also hard to tell. The virtue is independance , so I
guess the best example would be when he runs away. However, this is also a
change from physical to spiritual, so I think it might be his gradual
opening up to things, possibly acceptance of the Entry Plug (throne of
Hod, glory - The virtue is honesty... so perhaps beginning to be honest
about his feelings? He does in the Jet Alone episode with Misato, and he
does in the Rei II episode with Rei... and the falling Angel episode, he
realizes why he pilots and he stops lying to himself.
Netzach, victory - The virtue is unselfishness. Perhaps the training with
Asuka to overcome Israfel helped him to become more giving of himself? To
learn to share?
Tiphares, splendor - The virtue is devotion to the great work. I think this
is when he falls into the Sea of Dirac due to his high opinion of himself
(splendor), but then gets out by his devotion to the great work (destroying
angels, etc..).
Chesed, mercy - Easy. Refusing to kill Toji in Eva-03. However, it was sort
of the opposite of it s virtue, obedience.
G vurah, strength - Beating the snot outta the 14th Angel (Zeruel) that
almost destroyed everything that meant anything to him (butchered Asuka,
Rei, almost all of NERV and GeoFront...) and his subsequent strength of
mind that aided him to escape the consciousness of the Eva before he melded
with it. The virtue is courage.
Binah, understanding - Learning everything from Ritsuko... about Rei, Evas,
etc. The virtue is silence, he had nobody to talk to anymore.
Hohma, wisdom - Learning about the sweet parts of life from Kaworu, but
being devoted enough to destroying angels to kill him. The virtue is
Keter, crown - Completing the Sephiroth, gaining his firey wings. HOWEVER,
he doesn t complete Keter, as he refuses all of it, and destroys
Lillith/Rei and the entire human race.... Or maybe he doesn t. (A special
arrigatou to the Main Man Neflite for his gracious help!!)
Get all that?
Q: Exactly what is Gendo s plan? If he just wanted to evolve into one
celestial being with all humanity, why didn t he simply let Keel Lorenz
initiate the Third Impact?
A: This is fairly complicated. Yes, both of us wanted the Constructive
Third Impact to occur. Yes, we both wanted to become one with mankind and
return to Lilith and Heaven (at least after Yui was gone). But, we both
wanted to control the Impact ourselves. By controlling the Third Impact by
being the one to first return to Lilith without losing one s physical body,
it is thought that one becomes a "god" of some kind, or at least an
ArchAngel-like entity (but not a true warrior ArchAngel) and therefore my
goal of either being reunited with Yui, or somehow resurrect her would be
The Third Impact would be the ultimate power. The power to have everyone on
Earth be lead by you and to have your dreams turned into reality. Is it any
wonder that a meglomaniac like Keel and a love-lorn sap like myself want to
keep it for ourselves?
It was only when it became clear that I would succeed in starting the
Impact did Keel give up trying to be the first, and he sent in first the
17th messenger and then the JSSDF and the EVA 05-13 Units so that he could
have the Impact begin, and keep me from becoming the leader and embodiment
of humanity (which is all he thought I wanted, the silly little man. I
guess he never realized that there is more to life than power).
Q: Why all of a sudden in the movies does Gendo and NERV decide to initiate
the Third Impact? I could have sworn that in a TV episode that Ritsuko said
that the sole purpose of NERV and the Evangelions was to prevent a possible
Third Impact.
A: Well, it s not all of a sudden, and it s not all of NERV that wants to
start the Impact. Only me. If you notice in the movie End of Evangelion
even Fuyutsuki screams "No!" when he sees that Shinji is starting the whole
thing. I am the only individual in NERV that wants the end to begin. But I
am not the only one in the world who does. The Heads of SEELE want the
Impact to happen too.
The rest of NERV is simply duped into working for something (the prevention
of the Third Impact) that is not the real goal of their organization. Yes,
they were to keep the Adam - launched Third Impact from simply killing
humanity, but they were not meant to stop the Lilith- based Impact from
evolving every soul in the world. NERV merely exists to destroy the Angels
and open up the possibility of eternal salvation, not prevent it.
As to why SEELE would try to trick so many people, it s a little like this:
How many employees and great minds do you think you d get to work for you
if you told them that they were only slaving away so that mankind as a
species could die? Not many, in my humble opinion.
Q: I ve heard many names for the movies. What are their actual titles?
A: When the original movies debuted in Japan on March 19, 1997 they had the
titles Evangelion: Death and Evangelion: Rebirth (even though Rebirth was
not completed). Death retold the story that audiences saw in the TV series
(up to episode 24), with a few changes and some major cuts. Rebirth picked
up where Death and episode 24 left off, but it ended when the EVA Units
05-13 began their attack on NERV HQ.
=== Cut ===



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