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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 29 98 06:45
: Igor V. Kuznetsov 01 98 18:58
: py ...

Ohayou gozaimasu, Igor!
Igor V. Kuznetsov wa Boris Ivanov ni kaita...
                             JA_MOSCOW yy. , y
               H p p p.
H. . H p . ;-(

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 29 98 06:46
: Alexey Izmestiev 01 98 18:58
: "" p...

Ohayou gozaimasu, Alexey!
Alexey Izmestiev wa Boris Ivanov ni kaita...
                             y. . ,
                             y, . y y.
               y. p-p .... LMD. :)
y? p p py ,
p p p.

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 29 98 06:47
: Igor Ustinov 01 98 18:58

Ohayou gozaimasu, Igor!
Igor Ustinov wa Boris Ivanov ni kaita...
                             p , p yyp,
                             , y p
                             . y yyp.
               cc c c c
               c yyp. p cy pc
               c. c GSC, ", ", "p", "Hyc",
               "p "? c SM?
               c cy yypy p sailor fuku?
Hy, p y - p .
py /, yyp. H
p , . y ,
py py pyy... y ,
yyp p .
                                           . Hpp, , c
                                           c ccc cp? ,
                                           , y pc c
                                           c ? (, c, pc
                             y p p p,
                             p py p .
                             , . ;-)
               c p, c y .
y ?

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 29 98 08:18
: All 01 98 18:58
: H

Ohayou gozaimasu, All!
Disney helps foot bill for Ghibli s next film
Walt Disney Company announced it will invest in MY NEIGHBOR YAMADA (TONARI NO
YAMADA-KUN), the next film Studio Ghibli is animating after the one-time 1997
Japanese box-office leader PRINCESS MONONOKE (MONONOKE HIME). Studio co-founder
Takahata Isao will return to the director s chair for the first time since
HEISEI TANUKI GASSEN PON-POKO (1994). The film s story is based on a 1991-96
comic strip by Ishii Hisaichi that ran in the newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Its
co-sponsor Tokuma Shoten is scheduling the film for summer of 1999 in Japan,
and Disney plans to invest $1.23 million (160 million yen) in the
16-billion-yen production in exchange for North American and European
distribution rights.
PRINCESS MONONOKE s Japanese home video, North American theatrical release
Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Tokuma Japan Communication announced plans
to release the 1997 film PRINCESS MONONOKE (MONONOKE HIME) on home video in
Japan, while Miramax is projecting the tentative date of its theatrical release
in North America for early 1999. On 26 June, Tokuma will distribute MONONOKE on
Japanese laser disc for ?7800, and Buena Vista will do the same on Japanese
video tape for ?4500. (Tokuma Japan Communication sold the comprehensive Ghibli
ga Ippai laser box set of Ghibli films in 1996. Under the same Ghibli ga Ippai
label, Buena Vista is in the process of re-releasing each of the earlier Ghibli
films on video tapes for lowered prices.) Miramax also announced the film s
projected release in North America next year and the enlistment of novellist
and comic book writer Neil Gaiman (SANDMAN, NEVERWHERE) for the English script
adaptation. Buena Vista and Miramax obtained the rights to release MONONOKE and
other Studio Ghibli works through an 1996 agreement between the parent
companies Walt Disney Company and Tokuma Shoten.
Former X-Japan member hangs himself
Solo rock musician and former X-Japan member Matsumoto Hideto died the morning
of 2 May in Tokyo in an apparent suicide. He was 33. Acquaintances discovered
him hanging by his neck in his home early that Saturday, and rushed him to a
local hospital where he died later in the morning. "Hide" was the guitarist for
the group X Japan before it disbanded last year. In 1993, the group created X2,
a music video montage shown on the famous building-side Altavision wide screen
television in Tokyo s Shibuya shopping district. The studio Madhouse, director
Rin Taro, and character designer Yuuki Nobuteru animated part of X2 with
characters from the CLAMP manga X. This collaboration would lead to the X
animated feature film (1996), for which X-Japan performed the ending theme
Forever Love.



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