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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 01 98 10:02
: Artyom Tolstobrov 04 98 14:56

Ohayou gozaimasu, Artyom!
Artyom Tolstobrov wa Mikhail Ramendik ni kaita...
                             p p SF _p_ p -
                             p p pp
               y p p ;)
, p, .

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 01 98 10:08
: Artyom Tolstobrov 04 98 14:56
: On Your Mark

Ohayou gozaimasu, Artyom!
Artyom Tolstobrov wa Boris Ivanov ni kaita...
                             p p "H p"...
               -y, - p " y y". , ,
p , : "On your marks!" - "H p!".
y p - " p". ,
p p pp p, p
p. y - p "pp" hill of dreams,
p - y, p, "on your mark!".
2MR: p?
p ?

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 01 98 10:14
: Maxim Krutyko 04 98 14:56
: y ?

Ohayou gozaimasu, Maxim!
Maxim Krutyko wa Igor Ustinov ni kaita...
               . p. p
               p . H p p pp-
p . p . p.

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 01 98 10:14
: Alex Rusakov 04 98 14:56
: p

Ohayou gozaimasu, Alex!
Alex Rusakov wa Alex Lapshin ni kaita...
                             p , p y,
                             pp ( y :) )...
               py p pp "y" - p
p y, p.

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 01 98 10:52
: All 04 98 14:56
: [LANG] H ...

Ohayou gozaimasu, All!
               -== ut of JSLANG.TXT ==-
Japanese Slang Vol. 1!
Translation: You Playboy!
Use it: Girls say it to a cheating lover.
"Nani iro-no shitagi-o tsuketeru-no?"
Translation: What color are your panties?
Use it: Guys say to a girl, hinting that they want to find out for
"Boku-wa aisu kurimu-o issho-ni taberu hito-ga inai-no."
Translation: I don t have anyone to share ice cream with.
Use it: This will get a guy a date instantly. Japanese girls LOVE ice cream!
Translation: I m Drunk.
Use it: Before you pass out!
"Asa sekkusu-suru-no suki?"
Translation: Do you like to make love in the morning?
Use it: For fun!
"Ikkai neta-dake-desho, Teishu-zura shinaide!"
Translation: We only went to bed once, don t act like my husband!
Use it: Girls say it to a "fatal attraction".
"Akachan-ni-tsuite-no hono yomi-haji-nayo."
Translation: Start reading books about babies.
Use it: Japanese girls use the beat-around-the-bush method of telling big
news like this.
"Mo ichido tesuto-o ukete!"
Translation: Take the test again!
Use it: Guys, here s a good response, if the previous phrase is ever said
to you!
"Motto tsuyoi nomimono-o tanonde."
Translation: Order me a stronger drink.
Use it: Girls use this to let a guy know that you wanna get drunk with him!
"Doko-ga kanjiru-ka oshiete!"
Translation: Show me your erogenous areas!
Use it: To have fun with someone!
"Mo owatta?"
Translation: Finished already?"
Use it: I m sure you can figure this out alone.
"Koshu benjo!"
Translation: Public toilet!
Use it: Guys say it to a girl, meaning she ll let anyone use her!
Translation: I had her!
Use it: When kissing and telling.
"Choshoku-no miso-shiru-o tsukutte kureru?"
Translation: Will you make my miso soup for breakfast?"
Use it: Guys, this is a marriage proposal.
"Anata-wa atashi-o oitetta!"
Translation: You left me stranded!
Use it: When very, very, angry!
"Nanka yo?"
Translation: Do you wanna say something?
Use it: Japanese are infamous for staring, this will stop it.
Translation: You re really stupid!"
Use it: Someday you ll need this one!
"Yakimochi yakuna-yo!"
Translation: Don t be jealous!
Use it: as a great comeback!
Translation: I can t decide what to do with my chopsticks.
Use it: When everything in sight looks real yummy!
"Makudonarudo nashi-ja ikirarenai!"
Translation: I can t live without my McDonalds!
Use it: I just thought this was cute!
"Oidasareru-made iyo!"
Translation: Let s stay here till they throw us out!
Use it: When having a totally cool time with someone.
"Bakku si-toni suwaro!"
Translation: Let s get jump in the back seat!
Use it: Most Japanese live at home until thier marriage day, so use this
"Anata-wa yarashii-koto kangaeteru!"
Translation: You re thinking dirty thoughts!
Use it: You ll know when you need it.
Translation: So are you!
Use it: As a good response to the above phrase.
"So-yu kangae suki!"
Translation: I like that kind of thinking!
Use it: As an even better response!
Translation: You re so ugly!
Use it: The absolute worst thing to tell a Japanese girl.
Translation: You re lacking in the brave department!
Use it: The absolute worst thing to tell a Japanese guy.
"Poketto-ni futon-ga haiteru!"
Translation: I have a futon in my pocket!
Use it: As a cute joke!
"Tabako Kureru?"
Translation: Can I have a cigarette?
Use it: Comes in handy if you smoke.
Translation: WOW!
Use it: With your hand on your chest and your heart beating really fast!
*Special thanks to Jason for submitting this phrase*
"Kimi-wa boku-no kokoro-wo nusunda!"
Translation: You stole my heart!
Use it: When in love!
*Special thanks to KAZU for submitting this phrase*
Translation: May I have sex with you?
Use it: Carefully!
*Special thanks to Thomas for submitting this phrase*
Translation: Sound of drinking.
Use it: For fun when drinking!
*Special thanks to Toshikazu for submitting this phrase*
Japanese Slang Vol 2!
"Nihongo Hanaso."
Translation: Let s chat in Japanese.
Use it: In chat rooms, or on the phone.
"Tanoshiso Dane."
Translation: You look like you re having fun.
Use it: Out with a friend or umm... someone fun!
"Sofuto Kurimu ga Hoshii!"
Translation: I want some Ice Cream!
Use it: As a nice excuse to get a date!
"Mou sukoshi nonde."
Translation: Have a bit more to drink.
Use it: Said many times throughout the night, this is a sure way to get
your date drunk!
"Tsumete, Suwarasete."
Translation: Scoot over and let me sit down.
Use it: To get the seat next to the hottie on the shinkansen.
Translation: Pervert!
Use it: A nice reply when a hand "accidently" touches you in the crowd.
"Tanoshii kattara iru."
Translation: If you show me a good time, I ll stay.
Use it: In other words, I wanna stay, so let s have some fun!
"Mongen Nanji?"
Translation: When s your curfew?
Use it: Ask this before you start having fun!
Translation: I won t drink!
Use it: To say get away, you have no chance of being my drinking buddy
"Aitsu okii noga suki nandaze!"
Translation: She must like big ones!
Use it: Sometimes said to a Japanese girl dating a foreigner.
"Yoku koko kuru-no?"
Translation: Do you come here often?"
Use it: A cheesy male pick-up line.
"kireina hitomi dane!"
Translation: You have beautiful eyes!
Use it: Another cheesy male pick-up line.
"Isshoni yoake-no kohi nomanai?"
Translation: Do you want to drink morning coffe together?"
Use it: Kinda like saying "Wanna spend the night with me?".
"Gaman dekinai yo!"
Translation: I can t stand you!
Use it: When angry!
"Teme konoyaro!"
Translation: You Dog!
Use it: Girls, someday you ll need this one!
"Tabete miru?"
Translation: Will you try this?
Use it: When allowing your date to sample your dish.
"Moto chodai?"
Translation: Can I have another bite?
Use it: If your dates dish was delicious.
Translation: You re so sexy!
Use it: Say this next time you see someone hot, but don t know what to say!
"Watashi wo ieni tsretete!"
Translation: Take me home!
Use it: When you re really not having as much fun as you thought you would!
"Baka iwanai deyo!"
Translation: Don t say stupid things!
Use it: You ll know when you need it.
"Denwa shite mo-ii?"
Translation: Can I call you?
Use it: When you wanna get someone s phone number.
"Anata no koto wasurenai!"
Translation: I will never forget you!
Use it: This is a sweet romantic break-up line!
"Honto-ni aishiteru-nara sashimi taberu-te kikanaide!"
Translation: If you really love me, stop asking me to eat sashimi!
Use it: As a cute joke!
Translation: Let s Party!
Use it: Hey, if you re like me, use this very often!
"Aishiteta wa."
Translation: I loved you.
Use it: Another good way to say "Bye-Bye".
"Kisu shite moii?"
Translation: Can I kiss you?
Use it: On a first date.
Japanese Slang Vol 3!
"Atashi no mamade irasete!"
Translation: Let me be me!
Use it: say this to someone trying to "change you".
"Ima shiyo."
Translation: Let s do it now.
Use it: This gets right to the point. No beating around the bush!
"Atama ga fura-fura."
Translation: I am so dizzy.
Use it: Before you pass out!
"Hokuro o mitsuketa."
Translation: I just found your birthmark!
Use it: For fun!
"mada okoteru?"
Translation: Are you still mad?
Use it: When fighting.
"Chigau sutairu tameshitai."
Translation: I like to try different styles/posistions.
Use it: In the heat of the moment.
"Atarashii kakko o kangaete!"
Translation: You think of a new posistion!
Use it: Ha! Ha! This one s kinda funny, huh?
"Iki! Iki!"
Translation: Drink! Drink!
Use it: This is the equivalent of elling "Drink, Drink, Drink" to encourage
the drinker.
"Kofun shitekichatta!"
Translation: I m getting excited!
Use it: At the right moment!
"Aishiterutte itta yone?"
Translation: You said you loved me right?"
Use it: Be prepared for whatever answer you get with this one.
Translation: That tickles!
Use it: Use this during fore-play.
"Hinin suru no wasurechatta!"
Translation: I forgot to use protection!"
Use it: Hopefully, never.
"Anata nanka kirai!"
Translation: I hate you!
Use it: If someone ever says the previous phrase to you, you can say this
"Onaka ga peko-peko."
Translation: I m hungry.
Use it: Before eating, or as a way to get someone to buy ya lunch.
"Warikan-ni shiyo."
Translation: Let s go dutch.
Use it: Guys, don t use this often, okay?
"Anata o damashiteta no."
Translation: I ve cheated on you.
Use it: If you ve been a cheating lover!
"Motto kangaereba yokatta."
Translation: I should ve thought about it more before I did it.
Use it: Use this in conjunction with the above phrase.
"Yurushite morau tame nara nandemo suruwa!"
Translation: I ll do anything to make you forgive me!
Use it: As a final response to the above two phrases.
"Moteru desho!"
Translation: You must be very popular!
Use it: As a nice compliment!
"Tabako suu?"
Translation: Do you smoke?
Use it: Simply for conversation.
"Konya wa uchini kaeritakunai!"
Translation: I don t wanna go home tonight!
Use it: If she says this to you, pat yourself on the back.
"Konya anata no mononi shite!"
Translation: Take me tonite!
Use it: When in love!
"Mada hayai."
Translation: It s too soon for that.
Use it: Just in case, she s coming on strong, and your not interested.
Japanese Slang Vol 4!
Translation: He s fashionable/handsome.
Use it: Girls say it when the guy of your dreams walks by.
"Hamete choudai!"
Translation: Give it to me!
Use it: In the heat of the moment, YELL this one!
*Special thanks to Kerry for submitting this phrase*
"Anata debu ni nata ne!"
Translation: You re getting fat!
Use it: For the girl who constantly eats.
"Yura-Yura Sasete."
Translation: Your walking is a bit wobbly.
Use it: On the drunk one in the group!
"Etchi Shiyo"
Translation: Literally means let s have sex.
Use it: When getting straight to the point!
*Special thanks to Juniper for submitting this phrase*
"Urusai Yo!"
Translation: Shut Up!
Use it: You know when someone just won t shut up...
*Special thanks to Kerry for submitting this phrase*
Translation: Your "tool" is too small.
Use it: This is a nice way to insult a man.
"Karupisu Sawa Ga Hoshii."
Translation: I want a Calpis Sour.
Use it: I love to drink Calpis Sour at the bars, now you guys can order
it too!!
"Chin Chin no okisawa dono kurai?"
Translation: How big is your package ?"
Use it: This is a nice ice breaker =)
"Jibun de kashikamete mitara!"
Translation: Find out for yourself!
Use it: Guys this is a good response to the above question!
"Kirei na karada dane!"
Translation: You have a beautiful body!
Use it: Great pick up line, It would work on me =P
Translation: Is this your first time?"
Use it: Whenever, wherever, and with whomever you may need it.
Translation: You ve got a big mouth!
Use it: On the friend who just told someone your secret!
"Baka Mitai!"
Translation: You really look stupid!"
Use it: Someday you ll need this one!
"Neboken ja neyo!"
Translation: Get your head out of your butt!
Use it: When someone is totally acting like an idiot.
"Cho beri gu!"
Translation: Very Good!
Use it: This slang is a fairly old fad, but here it is.!
*Special thanks to Juniper for submitting this phrase*
"Cho beri ba!"
Translation: Very Bad!
Use it: Again, fairly old fad, but here it is.
*Special thanks to Juniper for submitting this phrase*
"Oshiri kawaii-ne!"
Translation: You have a really cute butt!
Use it: As a cute joke!
Translation: STOP IT!
Use it: When someone is very persistent
Translation: I like you!
Use it: Currently popular for girls to say to thier man.
A way of saying I really like you without actually saying I really like
you .
"Suteki datta wa!"
Translation: That was wonderful!
Use it: After you do it, but before smoking a cigarette!
"Anata no pantsu wa ske-ske no pantsu!"
Translation: You have invisible pants!
Use it: As a cute joke.
*Special thanks to Midori for submitting this one*
Japanese Idioms!
"Onaji Ana No Mujina"
Translation: Badgers from the same hole.
What it really means: Your partner in crime.
Use it: When describing the friend you always get into trouble with.
"Takane No Hana"
Translation: A flower on a high mountain.
What it really means: Something you really desire but can not have.
Use it: Say it when your buddy is eyeing a really hot girl.
"Mushi No Iki"
Translation: Like an insects small breath.
What it really means: Almost dead.
Use it: When you know if you have another drink you ll pass out!
"Ishibashi O Tataite Wataru"
Translation: Test the bridge before you cross it.
What it really means: Proceed with caution.
Use it: When giving your friend advice about the ONNA TARASHI she s dating.
"Baka Wa Shinanakya Naoranai"
Translation: Only death can kill a fool.
What it really means: Once a dumb-*ss, always a dumb-*ss!
Use it: We all know someone who can be described this way.
"Hapo Bijin"
Translation: Beauty in many directions.
What it really means: Someone who tries to make everyone happy.
Use it: The english equivalent of two-faced .
"Nakitsura Ni Hachi"
Translation: The bee stings when your already hurt.
What it really means: Bad things happen when you re already in trouble.
Use it: Kinda like When it rains, it pours .
"Hipari Dako"
Translation: An octopus spread eagle.
What it really means: A very cute/popular person.
Use it: To describe the cute guy behind you on the train.
"Kaze No Tayori"
Translation: A message carried on the wind.
What it really means: A rumor.
Use it: Explaining the source of the story.
"Awaseru Kao Ga Nai"
Translation: Lost face.
What it really means: To be really ashamed.
Use it: When you really screwed up bad.
"Ishin Denshin"
Translation: Reading someone s heart.
What it really means: Total communication without speaking.
Use it: To describe the two lovebirds in the corner.
"Shiroi Me De Miru"
Translation: To look at someone with white eyes.
What it really means: To give someone a mean look.
Use it: When very, very, angry!
"Ushiroyubi O Sasareru Yo"
Translation: Having a finger pointed at your back.
What it really means: An outcast because of something bad you have done.
Use it: Japanese are infamous for not including certain people.
"Junin Toiro"
Translation: Ten people and ten colors.
What it really means: Different people like different things.
Use it: The english equivalent is different stokes for different folks .
"Saji O Nageru"
Translation: To throw away the spoon.
What it really means: To give up.
Use it: Hopefully, not often.
"Karite Kita Neko No Yo"
Translation: Act like a borrowed cat.
What it really means: A shy or timid person.
Use it: To help someone come out of thier shell.
Translation: Decide with your belly.
What it really means: You have agut feeling about something.
Use it: You ll know when you need it.
"Kooin Ya No Gotoshi"
Translation: Light and dark fly like arrows.
What it really means: Time flies.
Use it: Kinda like time flies when you re having fun.
"Abata Mo Ekubo"
Translation: Pimples look like dimples.
What it really means: Love is blind.
Use it: When in love!
"Ame Ga Furo To Yari Ga Furo To"
Translation: Even if rain or spears fall.
What it really means: No matter what.
Use it: When describing how deep your love is.
Copyright 1997, 1998 Mochizuki Keichan.
               -== End of JSLANG.TXT ==-



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