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Hello Mikhail!
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Hello Mikhail!
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Hello Mikhail!
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At 02:45 PM 30/11/97 -0500, Emily Siazon wrote:
              But watch it. Break them up again and I ll write a fic glorifying
              Chibi-Usa ^_^
Hah, I ll beat you to it then! Observe:
Chibi-Usa, Ruler of the World!
by Mark Doherty (
(This one s too big to fall in my definition of spamfic. It was written on
the fly, I really don t care about spelling for it since it s a sillyfic.
Comments are welcome.)
A large crowd gathered for the momentous occasion.
"I, Neo-Queen Serenity, do hereby abdicate the rulership of Crystal Tokyo. It
has been a long road, and a sometimes difficult one, but with all your support
and love, I can honestly say I could not have hoped for better people to
be amongst."
A cheer rippled through the crowd.
"And now," Serenity continued, "it is time for the next generation to have its
turn. You all know my daughter, Usagi. She has grown into her role as princess,
and now is the time for her to take on the mantle of Neo-Queen, ruler of
Crystal Tokyo. May she rule wise and well."
Usagi, known as Chibi-Usa when she was a child, walked over to kneel before
her mother. She hid a small smile. She d thought that she d have years before
she would rule, but her she was. She d be able to boss around everyone, and get
as much icecream as she wanted.
Sadly, some things had not changed about her.
Serenity touched her daughter s forehead with the current incarnation of her
Moon scepter, the Moon Pretty Fine Looking Stick Thingy What Blasts Youma.
"I give all my titles to you. Rise, Neo-Queen Usagi."
Usagi, the new ruler of Crystal Tokyo, stood. It was the greatest moment of
her life, and all the people she had grown up with, fought with in fact, were
there to see it. Her mother and father watched on proudly, Venus smiled sunnily
at her, Jupiter nodded to her, Pluto looked at her watch...
Usagi blinked. Pluto had a watch? Why would she need one? One thought
permeated her mind:
Uh oh.
With a deafening roar, a demon-king appeared above the crowd s heads. "I am
the Dread Lord Cyril, master of the Great Hellspawn of the Galarrrgh... sorry,
bug in my throat. *Cough* *cough* Great Hellspawn of the Galactic Plane! My
power is mighty, my evil is unparalleled, and I park in handicapped zones!"
The crowd gasped.
"I have come, seeking..."
"A shrubbery?" quipped one member of the crowd.
The demon-king lobbed a fireball at the joker. As the person ran around in
the background, screaming and beating at his burning clothes, the hellspawn
cleared his throat. "A bride. I come, seeking a bride. Only the best shall
satisfy one of my immense and evil power. The lesser ones complain about my
bad breath too much. And so, I choose the ruler of this place. Who would that
Thousands of eyes turned to their new queen.
"Save me!" wailed Usagi in almost as fine a voice as her mother at her
"We ll protect you, our queen!" Mars shouted, as the Senshi leapt to the fray.
Jupiter got within ten feet before she staggered theatrically, moaned "Such
an awesomely fast blow, I did not see it! My queen, I am sorry!" After
that, she swayed a bit and collapsed. She rubbed an elbow that had landed
badly, said "Ow." and then promptly fell unconscious .
"Huh?" Cyril replied wittily, looking down at his fist.
"My turn, evil beast dog spawn of hell!" cried Mars. She clutched her forehead,
before she cried out "Oh no! His evil overwhelms my sensative psychic powers.
His oozing miasma of nastiness--"
"I m not that bad, really..." Cyril protested.
"Shutup. His oozing miasma of nastiness has overcome me!" With that, she
promptly fell over, unconscious.
"Evil monster, " Venus started before she sighed, shrugged her shoulders, and
said "Ah, forget it." and keeled over.
Everyone looked at Mercury. She coughed, and said "Sorry, got the flu. Couldn t
possibly fight today."
"Well that s that then." dread demon-king Cyril said, as Uranus and Neptune
staggered by in the background, both drunk and singing something about a
milk bottle, a vicar, and three small lemon trees. "I guess nothing s
stopping us from marrying, right Queenie?"
"Hold it right there!" Saturn protested. "I m still fighting fit!"
Serenity walked up to the Senshi of Life and Death. "Your shoelaces are
she advised in a soft voice.
"What? They are?" She looked down, allowing Serenity to conk her over the head
with her Moon Pretty Fine Looking Stick Thingy What Blasts Youma. Saturn
dropped to the floor, possibly the only one in the place not faking their
"Such tragedy!" Endymion wailed. "And here s me without my roses. Oh well."
"I can t take on a demon-king by myself!" Usagi protested. "Mommy, help me!"
"That just wouldn t be right, dear. You re queen now, you have to handle
your problems for yourself."
"But... but..."
"Right." Cyril noted, shaking his head. The sooner he got out of this madhouse
the better. "Thanks for the bride, and I ll see you in hell." He laughed, and
said "I always wanted to say that." before he swooped down and grabbed
Neo-Queen Usagi, and flew off into the sky.
"Bye!" all the Senshi but Saturn cried out, having miraculously recovered.
They waved happily to the departing figures.
"Have fun!" Venus cried out, dabbing theatrically at one eye with a hankie.
"Don t forget to write!" Jupiter shouted, waving her hand energetically.
"Call us before visiting!" Mercury added, waving half-heartedly.
The minute the demon-king and his bride were out of eyeshot, they stopped
"Such tragedy has befallen us!" Mars cried out to the assembled crowd. "Our
leader is gone! Who shall guide us now?"
"I think what we need now is an experienced hand." Mercury noted to the crowd.
"I nominate Serenity, former Neo-Queen, to the position again."
"I second that motion!" cried out the former king, Endymion.
Pluto took another look at her watch. "I nominate Mars." she stated calmly
into the sudden silence.
Mars blinked. Uh oh.
There you go, a perfectly in character fic. ^_^
Mark Doherty_ -_
My spam/fanfics are at -
"Time grows short, but I remain tall."
Evgenie Medvedev AKA Express AKA Nozomu AKA Hematite [RAnMa][Team CPT],
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