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Hello Dmitry!
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Hello Dmitry!
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               -== ut of ANIMEFAQ.TXT ==-
SUPER DIMENSION FORTRESS MACROSS was made a little before 1982 and was
released in 1982 as a TV series in Japan. The overall popularity that
MACROSS received from the Japanese audience was so astounding that the
creators of the series decided to make a movie rather than another series.
In 1984, MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE opened in theaters all across Japan.
It has the the same basic plot as the series, but with more visual pizzazz.
ROBOTECH is composed of three different series which have absolutely no
connections to each other. Carl Macek bought the rights to these three series
and with his team of helpers, got these three series to be combined into one
story which was called ROBOTECH. The first is MACROSS as all you guys should
know by now. Carl Macek massively edited the series to fit his need but still
kept to the main story line that the Japanese creators made. The other two
series that was part of ROBOTECH was great if their true stories were told
rather than being part of the Macross saga which everyone who talks about
this seems to like.
-- From a posting by
Kong Chung-Lin Chang
[Editor's note: The other two series used for Robotech were SUPER
when he writes that Macross is the one most people associate with Robotech.]
Sherman, set the Way-Back machine to 1982, in Japan. It was then that a
series by name of Super Dimension Fortress Macross first aired on Japanese
television, a product of Tatsunoko.
After Macross ended in 1983, Tokyo Movie Shinsha's Super Dimension Century
Orguss took its place on the airwaves. Orguss shared some common creators
with, and had a few in-joke references to Macross. Beyond that, there was
no relation. When Orguss finished its run of episodes, another "Super
Dimension" show took its place: Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.
This is also in 1983. Bear in mind that these "Super Dimension" shows
had little in common save the title. They were not related in any way,
save for the brief references in Orguss mentioned above.
Megazone 23, one of the first OVAs (Original Video Animation), was
released in 1984. It had the same character designer as Macross and
Orguss, one Haruhiko Mikimoto. On television, a short-lived series by
name of Genesis Climber Mospeada came and went. Theatrically, the
Macross movie was released (its title, Macross: Oboete Imasuka has been
translated as Macross: Love, Do You Remember? or Macross: Do You Remember
Love). The Macross movie was more of a retelling of the Macross series,
rather than a sequel.
Let's wander over to North America. Sometime around mid- to late 1984,
the rights to the Macross series were acquired by Harmony Gold.
Originally, Macross was slated to be translated rather faithfully, and a
TV-movie compilation of the first three episodes had been broadcast.
However, the "golden number" for television syndication is 65 episodes -
13 weeks of daily weekday episodes. So, in order to pad out the series,
Macross was reworked a little, Southern Cross and Mospeada were hastily
adapted and tacked on to the end, and the 85-episode Robotech series was
born, first aired in 1985. (An extra transition episode was created by
editing footage from Macross and Southern Cross together.)
Now things get a little murky. Sometime around 1985-1986, back in Japan,
Shogakukan commissioned an English translation of the Macross movie,
which was then titled Super Space Fortress Macross. Also, Megazone 23
Part II was released on video.
In 1986, Macross Flashback: 2012, a 30-minute OAV, was released in Japan.
This was 22 minutes of scenes from the Macross series and movie, as well
as images from various Macross publications, edited to accompany music
from the series, plus eight minutes of new animation, showing some footage
previously cut from the movie, as well as a showing what happened to our
heroes after the war. Back in the US, Harmony Gold was riding the crest
of Robotech's popularity, and had started production on Robotech II: The
Sentinels and a Robotech movie. Sentinels was to be a brand-new series
of 65 episodes, written in North America and animated in Japan, for North
American broadcast. For a variety of reasons, this was never completed,
and as a consequence never released on television. The Robotech movie was
a re-edited Megazone 23, combined with footage from Southern Cross, plus a
12-minute happy ending, comprised of new animation commissioned from Japan.
The movie was barely released (a few test screenings and a showing at the
Los Angeles Animation Celebration) before vanishing from the big screen
Back to Japan: Megazone 23 Part II is translated to English with Japanese
subtitles, for use as a Japanese teaching aid. The 12 minutes of new
footage for the Robotech Movie is included on this video, which was
released as Megazone 23 Part II: Foreign Edition.
A quick hop back to North America - in 1987, Super Space Fortress Macross
makes it to North American shores - minus 18 minutes of footage - as
Clash of the Bionoids.
In 1988, seventy-six minutes of completed footage from Sentinels was
compiled and released on video.
In 1992, Macross II - a sequel to the Macross movie - is released
nearly simultaneously in Japan and the United States.
--From a posting by Emru Townsend
               -== End of ANIMEFAQ.TXT ==-

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/779.90 20 H 97 13:26
: Dmitry Novikov 22 H 97 21:00
: Re: p

Hello Dmitry!
() Dmitry Novikov -> Alex Lapshin, y...
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               H .
p ? ;-)
               Hy Spb ... ! ,
               y ? p FIDO ? -y pyy??
- p . [Team ANIME] ;-)

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/779.90 20 H 97 13:29
: Khachik Ambarian 22 H 97 21:00
: Re: yp yy !

Hello Khachik!
() Khachik Ambarian -> All, y...
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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/779.90 20 H 97 13:33
: Nik Fofonov 22 H 97 21:00
: Re: Ka ace aa, a o a-a?

Hello Nik!
() Nik Fofonov -> Artyom Tolstobrov, y...
               o acaec a - a copee ceo o c op o py pcy...
               o, Aepe ce ao eoc.
p y py. p.
               Too c oca, a ce -a oo o ce pa
               ya, a e oee pa.
y ? ;-) p, py y ...
                             in-betweening - coae pcyo c poeyo aa.
                             po o?
               To ec? He ee pcy e?
H. p, , py .
               paa? opa-o o - HTML-JPG. )

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/779.90 20 H 97 13:36
: Maksim Bodrov 22 H 97 21:00
: Re: -p y

Hello Maksim!
() Maksim Bodrov -> Igor Ustinov, y...
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Hy ? ;-)



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