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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 01 98 06:46
: Alexey Izmestiev p 03 98 13:17
: , ...

Konnichi-wa, Alexey!
Alexey Izmestiev -> Boris Ivanov kaita...
               Street Fighter...

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 01 98 07:53
: All p 03 98 13:17
: H

Konnichi-wa, All!
Ready for Spring 1998 release, Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge from Viz
Video takes Capcom s weirdest fighting characters on their own violently exotic
Capcom s Darkstalkers fighting games have always been huge hits in Japan, and
even more so than Street Fighter, the reason is simple: the characters. From
bat-clad succubus Morrigan in the original Darkstalkers (known as Vampire in
Japan), to solemn monk Donovan Baine in Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge
(aka Vampire Hunter), to Uzi-toting Red Riding Hood clone Bulleta in
Nightwarriors 2: Jedah s Damnation (aka Vampire Savior), the series has always
walked a tightrope between spooky homage to old monster movies and ridiculous,
over-the-top parody. In the American animated TV series, and most of the
Japanese Darkstalkers dojinshi (fan comics), the humor and slapstick usually
takes over. But now a four-volume Darkstalkers OAV series from is poised to
give the night warriors their due of action, adventure and blood!
The setting is the Demon World: a place of warring powers and supernatural
entities, where human beings, devils, giant spiders and other entities coexist.
Exiled into the land of humans is Dimitri Maximoff, a superpowered
demon-vampire who rules with an iron fist from a castle atop an improbably
steep crag. But there are other Darkstalkers almost as powerful as him, and
soon they will clash in a battle for survival. With Amuse Video, producers of
Giant Robo, producing the video, expense and effort haven t been spared.
Character designs are by Shuko Murase of Street Fighter: The Animated Movie
fame, with animation by Madhouse (X: The Movie). Between them, the art of the
series is exceptional, particularly the movements of the characters, which are
so closely captured from the game that every punch, kick and super move looks
like watching the game itself.
The philosophy of letting the game speak for itself is important to director
Makashi Ikeda (interviewed in Animerica Vol. 5, No. 10). "I think what I found
appealing in the Vampire Hunter video game, and what should be the appeal in
the video, are the same. It s the sense of the world that each of the
characters brings with their fighting moves. Each of the characters has their
own atmosphere, so I knew seeing them animated on screen would be good. And
they all have their own sense of aesthetics, so their clashing as they fight
would be the other appeal, or so I m hoping." The characters supply not only
themselves, but the settings, from Dimitri s Medieval castle to Felicia s
"I m overwhelmed by the richness of inspirations in the game itself," Ikeda
continues. "I wonder if I can do a job that matches that. But then, of course,
animation is produced by individual animators drawing each sheet, so it s our
challenge to translate a finished game into film. I hope our efforts will show
on screen."
The English adaptation of Darkstalkers from Viz Video is scheduled for Spring
1998 in four volumes as in Japan. In America, a special showing of Volume 2 was
voted "Best Premiere" by AnimeExpo 97.In Japan, the OAVs have done better than
expected, considering the constantly-shifting faves of the video game
community. American fans have many questions: Will anything be altered?
(Nothing will be censored.) Will the characters have their English or Japanese
names? (Almost entirely the English names, although on some minor points Viz
Video may go with whatever is most accepted among fans.) And will Aulbath,
Anakaris, Victor von Gerdenheim and the Sasquatch (the most minor characters)
get their thirty seconds of fame? (For a video game-based anime, Darkstalkers
does an amazingly good job of avoiding "Hi, I m Character #21" syndrome, and
devotes a lot of time to its cast. But to see the whole cast, wait till Volume
Few anime-to-game adaptations have ever been as close to the source material as
Darkstalkers, while still standing on their own due to the creative talent
involved. Though the game has never been as popular as Street Fighter in the
U.S., its anime may actually bring new fans into its vivid, violent and
colorful world.
taken from

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 01 98 08:02
: All p 03 98 13:17
: Superman likes Ranma?

Konnichi-wa, All!
The Adventures of Superman #548
It s there if you know where to look for it, on page 20 of the July 1997 issue
of The Adventures of Superman from DC Comics. As Superman (in his current
blue-and-electrical power status) finishes talking to the mysterious Phantom
Stranger, the alternate dimension fades into his familiar kitchen... where,
right on the wall next to the calendar, is a Japanese Ranma 1/2 poster!
Evidently either Clark Kent or Lois Lane has a taste for anime or manga,
perhaps solving the question of "What comics do superheroes themselves read?"
General anime and manga references have appeared in other DC comics lately,
notably Grant Morrison s JLA, but this is the first appearance of Ranma as far
as we know. Whether Karl Kesel (writer), Stuart Immonen (penciller), Jose
Marzan Jr. (inker), or Albert de Guzman (letterer) is responsible is so far

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 01 98 08:07
: All p 03 98 13:17
: Takahashi Sailor Moon - rulez!

Konnichi-wa, All!
Parade Magazine
"Who is the most interesting teen character on TV?" Lynn Minton s Fresh Voices
survey-column asked in a late 1997 issue of Parade, a multi-million-circulation
newsmagazine often found inserted in Sunday newspapers. Minton reports that the
teenage respondents "passed up the superficial model types in favor of real
teenagers with real problems ", and as every anime fan knows, no one has
problems like Ranma! Chelsea King, 14, from Dedham, Mass., gave the following
answer which was selected for the column, putting Ranma in the same category
with Claire Danes, Jaleel White, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas:
"The five main characters on the Japanese animated show, Sailor Moon, are more
interesting than any American, non-animated teen characters on TV. They are
five strong females fighting for "love and justice." Between their regular
teenage selves and their superhuman form, they reflect on many issues teenagers
face. Another interesting teenager is Ranma from Ranma 1/2. Ranma is a master
of kenpo, a form of self-defense, and one day, while training in China, he fell
into a pool of water, which changed him into a red-headed girl. Now, whenever
he is doused with cold water, he changes. To change back, he must be soaked
with warm water. He is fun to watch as he struggles through both girl and boy
problems. Sayonara!"
Sailor Moon and Ranma -- friends at last? Of course, Ranma actually isn t on
American TV, but perhaps King s answer will prove prophetic.
P.S. p p SM? ;-)

: Igor Ustinov 2:5020/993.256 01 98 09:54
: Boris Ivanov p 03 98 13:17
: eoo ya...

p , Boris!
30 1998 . 15:43 Boris Ivanov () Igor Ustinov:
                                           y y.
                                           p y 70 . ^_^
                             , cp pp p. c
                             cp c yp. Hy, pp, "p,
                             yp, SM - p cp, cp, yc, c 70
                             c". ;)
               . y : " p
               ( y ), - p
               p." ;-)
H cy c pcycy, c c, c
70- c , p cc py
p cp . ;)
c cp, pc c ypc py
p ? . p yp c? . c y cp -
cc? yc, - c ( c
cp py c , , - p
cc cy). pp cp p? H
, , y, -, pc p.
                             yp pc yp.
               y p p 200 - p,
Hy pp p cycc. :(
c p p , p...
p cy p cp? ,
cc p cy.
H p, , cy c.



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