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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 p 03 98 07:38
: All p 04 98 16:42
: Japan

Konnichi-wa, All!
Some things you did not know about Japan:
(And I m NOT making this up)
Because some people have trouble differentiating between L and R, never get
into a conversation about elections.
Favorite pizza toppings include corn, potatoes, seaweed, mayonnaise and squid.
Pizza Hut s newest item is "Curry Seafood Pizza," which also has broccoli on
it. See the Japanese Pizza Page.
Taxi drivers (in Tokyo, at least) don t know where anything is. You have to
tell them to go to a famous landmark and steer them from there. It s best to
have a map if you don t know where the place is either. Addresses are useless.
Most streets don t have names.
When you call to order your mayonnaise with seaweed pizza, they punch your
telephone number into a computer to get your address (if you have ordered from
them before) including directions. My house: "You re on the third floor, above
the Asahi Shoe Shop, the door on the right. Is that correct?"
No one ever knows the name of a shop or restaurant. They usually tell you its
location instead: "Across from the post office," or "The third door from the
flower shop." Restaurants and shops will fax you a map if you call in advance.
Trains are always on time. On the extremely rare occasion that you are late for
work due to a delay, you must bring your supervisor a note from the train
station manager explaining why.
The Japanese word for brown is cha-iro (tea-colored) but Japanese tea is green.
Newspapers take one day off a month for a "press holiday" and don t put out any
newspapers. Unfortunately, they all choose the same day, so there are no
newspapers at all that day!
A survey showed that Japanese spend on average 15 minutes reading the newspaper
a day. The most popular section is the TV listings.
There are seasonal beers here. Recent names include: "Cherry Blossoms are
Blooming," "Spring Has Arrived!," "Gift from the Earth and Water," and "Free
Time Beer." [I am NOT making this up!]
People live in houses with no insulation, some with no bath, but almost
everyone has a cellular telephone.
Pocket beepers (the rage until cell phones...) come in shapes like fish and
Young Japanese women don t know how to wear kimonos, so they take classes about
TV commercials use fluffy pink bunnies (and other similar cute animals) to sell
everything from photocopy machines to toilet bowl cleaner to life insurance.
People don t buy magazines here, they just stand in the bookshop reading them
until they get bored and leave.
Grown men still read comic books. Including ones with names like "Young Boy"
and "Jump!"
McDonald s just introduced a breakfast item call "FrankBurger." You figure it
Cats say "nyan," dogs say "wan," and pigs say "bu."
Japanese salarymen in some companies spend a good deal of their day reading the
newspaper or sleeping on their desks.
It s okay to come into work with a hangover if you ve been out drinking with
your colleagues. No one expects you to do any work after a big night out. Have
a nap instead.
Dark alleyways and parks have signs that say "Watch out for perverts."
Serious crime is so rare in Japan that every single murder makes headline news
on TV and in the newspapers.
All-you-can-eat restaurants are called "viking" because people can t say the
word "smorgasbord."
They use the word "puchi" (from French petit) to mean small. A new item is
called "Big Puchi" Pudding. Figure that one out.
McDonald s is so crowded that the staff use walkie-talkies to guide customers
to free tables. Hand motions are similar to those used by airport ground crew
signalling planes where to park.

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 p 03 98 07:43
: All p 04 98 16:42
: p.

Konnichi-wa, All!

: Igor Ustinov 2:5020/993.256 p 03 98 10:47
: Evgenie Medvedev p 04 98 16:42
: eoo ya...

p , Evgenie!
02 1998 . 18:40 Evgenie Medvedev () Igor Ustinov:
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                             y, . H . yp c
                             , p .
               , p p
c cc. , c y
__ y yyp cp, p cyc
"38 y" "cp cp", "-yc" "c", ""
"p", "p-pp" " c". c ,
SM cc p c c pc?



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