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Doraemon INFO
Doraemon is created in 1974, by Japanese Manga Artist Fujiko Fujio. There is a
total of over 400 short stories and 15 movie length stories as of 1996.
Most of the stories circles around Doraemon helping Nobi Nobita overcome
his daily troubles, including his schoolwork, his relationship with
Shizuka, how to get around his mother s punishments, or how to escape from
the cunning Suneo and the school bully Gian.
Character Guide
Doraemon, the main character of this series of manga. He is a 22nd century
robotic cat who came back to the 20th century through a time machine to
help the kind-hearted, but lazy Nobita. Although the inventor of Doraemon
wanted to make Doraemon into a robot cat, the appearance of Doraemon looks
more like a racoon than a cat, and people always mistaken Doramon as a
racoon, and this always ticks him off.
Doraemon has, according to Nobi Nobita, a bad temper. He often blows up and
quarrels with Nobita when Nobita decides to use the tools Doraemon lent him
for unethical purposes.
Nobi Nobita
Nobi Nobita is the only son of the Nobi family. He is an extremely lazy
kid, whose only hobbies are sleeping and read manga. One would assume that
Nobita is a dumb-witted child from the 0 s he got on almost all of his
tests (He got 95 once, 100 once, and 60 once, the rest are all 0 s), but
when you look at the ideas he can come up in desperate situations, or the
ideas he can come up with with the use of Doraemon s futurist tools, you
would say that he is pretty smart.
Nobita has one thing that excels from the rest, and it is his shooting. He
had saved the gang in the adventures more than once with his dead-eye
Shizuka is the future wife of Nobita. She is the prettiest girl in class,
almost all the boys in class likes her. She is a hard-working, intelligent
person who excels in class. A more direct description of her is that she is
the direct opposite of Nobita, except that both of them have a kind heart.
Shizuka was portraited as the smartest kid in class in the earlier series,
but her role as a "perfect" person is taken from her by Dekisugi in the
later series, and her addiction to bathing helped created some jokes, which
some readers may find offensive.
Gian is THE school bully, always beating up Nobita for no reason, but he is
still a good friend of Nobita, though. Despite being a barbaric person, who
never listens to anybody s opinion and beat up on people at will, he is
brave, protecting his friends during times of danger.
Even though his singing is worse than horrible, Gian is obsessed with
singing. He frequently have "concerts" at the playground, and uses his
come-to-concert-or-get-beat-up attitude to force his classmates to attend
his no-budget concerts. He once realized that his singing is not so popular
among his classmates, but instead of evaluating his own singing, he blames
his classmates for not understanding the art of singing. His dream is to be
a professional singer ...... gross.
Suneo is rich, but is also cunning and is a snob. He is a coward, and loves
to beat up the weak, and kiss up the strong. He is Gian s follower and they
often cooperates to make life tough for Nobita. Even though he often kisses
up to Gian, Gian will sometimes beat him up for the things Suneo did.
Because he is a rich kid, he owns the best video games and mangas, and the
brutish Gian will not let the chance of getting some free toys to pass. He
often "borrows" Suneo s toys, this means that Suneo is Gian s follower
mainly because he fears of being beaten up by the strong Gian, instead of
admiring him.
Despite his cowardly nature, Suneo will still come to help out with his
wittiness during emergent situations, afterall, they are friends.
Undisputedly the top student in his class, he is the perfect match for
Shizuka, and the weak, lazy and overall horrible Nobita is no match for
him. Besides getting top grades in his class, he excels in sports, loves to
study, has a great personality, and is even a great cook! But how in the
world can Nobita marry Shizuka in the future with such a strong "enemy" in
his way? You read the manga, and you will find out.
Dekisugi rarely joins Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo in their
adventures, and usually appears in only those short stories.
Nobita s Mother
She is one of the many things that Nobita fears. You can t fault Mrs. Nobi
in getting mad at Nobita. Nobi frequently gets zeroes in his tests, does
nothing in the house but sleep, watch TV and read manga, is always late to
come home, etc ......
She takes care of everything at home, and she is the traditional housewife.
Stays at home while Mr. Nobi goes to work. She hates pets and doesn t allow
Nobi to keep the stray cats or dogs he found on the streets, and this helps
create a few stories.
Nobita s father
He was in the same mode as Nobita when he was a youngster. Well. .....
maybe not as bad, but you get the idea. He is not the most witty kid in
class, is a procrastinator, but one thing positive about him is, like his
son, he is a very kind man.
Mr. Nobi is an artist he once had the opportunity to study in Europe
through the assistance of a rich man. But he turned it down because he had
to marry the rich man s gorgeous daughter. He refused to marry that lady
because he knew that he doesn t love her, and knows that she is not the
right person for him, and he turned down the opportunity of a lifetime in
return for a lifetime of happiness with Mrs. Nobi.
Nobita s Teacher
It was a miracle Nobita s teacher haven t killed Nobita for what Nobita had
done. Nobita never hands in his homework, gets 0 s in all tests, is always
late for class, and sleeps whenever he is in class.
Nobita s teacher is a good teacher afterall, he takes time out of class to
answer students questions, and visit the students parents when he noticed
the students marks are falling, but Nobita would tell you he d rather have
a bad teacher than a good one, because his teacher always visits Nobita s
mom due to Nobita s horrible school work.
Classmate A and Classmate B
These two are inseperable, so they have to be introduced on the same row.
If not for their extremely different appearance, one would (and should)
mistaken them as twins, but they are actually just good friends that are
two of Nobita s classmates.
They never do much, what they are is just a representative symbol of all
classmates of Nobita other than Gian, Suneo, Shizuka and Dekisugi. If those
two fear Gian s brutish antics, it means that everybody fear Gian s antics,
if those two ignore Nobita, it means that Nobita is being ignored by all of
his classmates.
They are as ordinary as an ordinary person can get, a typical Grade 6
student. Hate their homework, love to get more allowance, loves to be
popular, etc ......
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