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: Vladimir Goadoff 29 p 98 19:44
: yp

Konnichi-wa, Vladimir!
Vladimir Goadoff -> All ni kaita...
               anime (y ),
               py p, "yp", p
               . y .
AD Police. ...
               p.s. p p p
               p. 16:30 ,
               pp py p ,
               y. He p p 10 p
               , p y. -)
. p ...

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: All 29 p 98 19:44
: Kiki

Konnichi-wa, All!
"Majo no Takkyuubin" to be broadcast nationwide in US
A brilliant historical first
Setting the stage for exhibition of "Mononoke Hime"
Master animator Hayao Miyazaki s (56) 1989 production "Majo no takkyuubin" will
be broadcast nationwide in the U.S. by ABC, one of the big three TV networks,
as early as this spring. Though the monster hit "Mononoke Hime", seen by
12,900,000 people in Japan, will be shown in 2,500 theaters across the U.S.
this summer, Kiki will come first.
Kiki, the little 13 year old witch, will be flying around on U.S. TV screens.
"Majo no Takkyuubin" portrays the adventures of Kiki who sets out on a journey
to become a full-fledged witch. It opened across Japan on July 29, 1989, played
for 77 days in 138 theaters, and was seen by 2,650,000 people. In receipts it
was the top Japanese film that year, drawing 2,170,000,000 yen.
The grand scale of this film, the fifth of director Miyazaki s theatrical
films, with its use of 67,317 cels and 438 colors, drew a lot of attention, and
together with the theme songs by Yumin (MATSUTOYA Yumi (nee ARAI Yumi)) remain
firmly ensconced in the hearts of anime fans. This spring, this famous work is
coming to the children of America. It will be broadcast on ABC which, together
with CBS and NBC, is one of the three large networks in the U.S. It will be
shown during 1 hour and 43 minutes of "golden time" [prime time, I presume -
DG] with no cuts. This broadcast of a Japanese animation film on a U.S. network
is a brilliant historical first.
"We think of this broadcast as the opening skirmish in preparation for the
public showing across the U.S. of Mononoke Hime " says "Mononoke Hime"
producer SUZUKI Toshio (49). Studio Ghibli, which director Miyazaki supervises,
in 1996 established a business partnership with the Walt Disney company.
Disney, which is assisting in all ways in the U.S. release of "Mononoke Hime",
as a technique to spread the name of "Hayao Miyazaki" [in katakana - DG]
(already known to the more intense fans), has selected "express home delivery"
via the "witchery" of television transmission. [This was a joke which was hard
to translate: a play on "majo no takkyuubin", "Witch s Express Home Delivery" -
DG]. Redubbing into English was finished at the end of last year. Performing
the main role of Kiki is popular Hollywood child actress Kirsten Dunst (15),
already known in Japan through roles in such hits as "Jumanji" and "Interview
With The Vampire". It has also been decided that the English dub will be
released on video in October. [Buena Vista s press release quotes September
22nd, not October - MSJ] The top-strength tag team of "Majo" and "Mononoke
Hime" will launch the Miyazaki whirlwind throughout America.
Director Miyazaki based his dramatization on the juvenile book of the same name
by Ms. KADONO Eiko. The growth and independence of young girls is the largest
theme. Child of a human father and witch mother, Kiki must, on the night of a
full moon after turning 13, obey the precepts of witches and leave on a journey
of independence. Kiki, given lodging by a baker in a town named Koriko, and
flying on a broom via her witch s power, starts a delivery service, and then...
Born April 30, 1982, in New Jersey. Age 15. Born to a German-born father who
works as a representative for a medical treatment services company and an
artist mother, she grew up in Burbank, California. She first appeared in ads at
age 1, then in TV commercials at 3. She has already appeared in around 70
plays. She had her screen debut in 1989 in "New York Story". In the 1994
"Interview With The Vampire" she drew notice in her role as a little girl
vampire. (from an authorized article) [I take this to mean "official bio" - DG]
- Translation by David Goldsmith of Team Ghiblink.

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 28 p 98 07:56
: All 29 p 98 19:44
: Kiki

Konnichi-wa, All!
Boris Ivanov -> All ni kaita...
               KIRSTEN DUNST
               Born April 30, 1982, in New Jersey. Age 15. Born to a German-born
               father who works as a representative for a medical treatment services
               company and an artist mother, she grew up in Burbank, California. She
               first appeared in ads at age 1, then in TV commercials at 3. She has
               already appeared in around 70 plays. She had her screen debut in 1989
               in "New York Story". In the 1994 "Interview With The Vampire" she drew
               notice in her role as a little girl vampire. (from an authorized
               article) [I take this to mean "official bio" - DG] - Translation by
               David Goldsmith of Team Ghiblink.
VO Kiki p:
Takayama Minami
Personal Information
Takayama Minami was born on May 5th, 1964 in Tokyo. Her true name is Arai
Izumi. Her blood type is B. Her three sizes are 78-56-82. Her shoe size is 23.5
cm. She works for 81 Produce.
Minami has done the following roles in anime.
A-ko The Versus little Gail
A-ko The Versus C-ko s servant
Bubble Gum Crash Adama
City Hunter Asaoka Mei
Cooking Papa Makoto
Crayon Shin-chan Keiko
Demon Hunter Rikudou Yama
Detective Conan Edogawa Conan
Detective Conan {episode 81, 82} Takayama Minami
Elf wo Karu Mono Tachi {episode 4} Reipia
Explorer Woman Ray Mami
Hakkenden Inusaka Keno
Happy Muumin Family Muumin
Hikaruon [debut] Female student
Hime-chan no Ribbon Icchan (Kamikura Ichiko)
Hime-chan no Ribbon Kobayashi Shintarou
Iczer-3 Atros
Kiki s Delivery Service Kiki
Kiki s Delivery Service Ursula
Kodomo no Omocha (OAV) Ohki Tsuyoshi
Magical Taruruuto-kun Edojou Honmaru
Midori no Makibaou Katsu
Mr. Ajikko Youichi Ajiyoshi
Ningyo no Mori Mana
Oi! Ryuuma little Sakamoto Ryuuma
Ranma 1/2 Tendou Nabiki
Rayearth Ascot
Record of Lodoss War Seeris
Shimajiro {episode 19b} queen fairy
Shonen Ashibe Ashibe
Shoukouji Sedy (Little Lord Fauntleloy) Roy
Slow Step Nakazato Minatsu
Sol Bianca Jany
Tenkuu no Escaflowne Dilando Albatau
The Weathering Continent Lakshi
Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai Mai
Ultraman Kids Tar
Wakakusa Monogatari Tommy
Yaiba Kurogane Yaiba
Ys Feena
Yuuyuu Hakusho Mukuro
Minami has done the following roles in games.
Gunners Heaven [Playstation] Rakuel
Kisou Ruuga [PC Engine] Linna
Linda Cube Again [Playstation] Linda
Magic Knight Rayearth [Sega Saturn] Ascot
Meltylancer [Playstation] Nowaru
Next King [Playstation] Chikori
Ranma 1/2 [PC Engine] Tendo Nabiki
Ranma 1/2 Byakuran Ai [MegaCD] Tendo Nabiki
Ranma 1/2 Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutouryuu! [PC Engine] Tendo Nabiki
Ranma 1/2 Torawareno Hanayome [PC Engine] Tendo Nabiki
Refrain Love [Playstation] Yuuki Ran
Silky Lip [Megadrive] Chako
Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku [Playstation, Sega Saturn] Lisa Meccarno
Minami has done the following roles in CD/cassette/radio dramas.
Psychic Force [radio] Emilio Mihailof
Soreyuke! Uchuusenkan Yamamoto Yohko [CD] Yamamoto Yohko
Unjou Roukaku Kidan [CD] Kasumi
miscellaneous CDs
Minami has also sung or talked in the following CDs.
Magical Taruruuto-kun Hit Kyoku Shuu (COCC-7090), 1990.12.21
Magical Taruruuto-kun Hit Kyoku Shuu II (COCC-7707), 1991.07.01
DoCo First, 1991.07.21
Ningyo no Mori Original Soundtrack (VICL-177), 1991.07.21
Ranma 1/2 Kakutou Karuta, 1991.12.21
Kaze no Tairiku CD Cinema 1 (VICL-301), 1992.06.21
Kaze no Tairiku CD Cinema 2 (VICL-303), 1992.08.26
DoCo Second, 1994.12.16
DoCo Original Karaoke, 1995.01.20
BPM 132 [Two Mix] (KICS-502), 1995.08.23
Kaze no Densetsu Zanadu II (KICA-1167), 1995.09.21
Gundam W Operation 3 (KICA-277), 1995.12.21
BPM 143 [Two Mix] (KICS-523), 1996.01.24
Gundam W Operation 4 (KICA-295), 1996.03.23
BPM 150 MAX [Two Mix] (KICS-595), 1996.11.21
Psychic Force drama CD (PCCB-2339), 1997.01.08
Refrain Love (PCCB-253), 1997.03.21
Yamamoto Yoko II Wave 1 (KICA-348), 1997.??.??
Yamamoto Yoko II Wave 2 (KICA-356), 1997.??.??
Yamamoto Yoko II Wave 3 (KICA-???), 1997.11.06
CD singles
Minami has also released the following CD singles.
Konoyode Ichiban Oshougatsu ga Suki, 1991.01.21
Valentine ni Kurobara wo, 1991.01.21
Yasashii, Iikoni Narenai, 1991.01.21
Kon ya ha April Fool, 1991.01.21
Nekohanten Menu Song, 1991.01.21
Otousan, 1991.01.21
Omoide ga Ippai, 1991.01.21
Miwaku no Limbo Dance, 1991.01.21
Haikei, Akane-san, 1991.01.21
Yo-i Don!, 1991.01.21
November Rain, 1991.01.21
Characters Christmas, 1991.01.21
White Reflection (KIDS-320), 1997.01.15
Some of the videos that Minami has appeared in are as follows.
DoCo music video, 1995.08.19, Pony Canyon PCLE-00020.
Books and Magazines
Some of the books and magazines that Minami has appeared in prominently are as
Animedia October 1991, 1991.09.10 {1 page} Muumin article, COLOR
Animedia May 1994, 1994.04.10 {1 page} article, MONO
Animedia October 1994, 1994.09.10 {4 pages} monthly close up (DoCo), MONO
Animedia December 1994, 1994.11.10 {1 page} DoCo recording, COLOR
Oricon Week The Ichiban (1997.06.09) {2 pages} Two Mix interview
Newtype July 1997, 1997.06.10 {1 page} Two Mix CD article, COLOR
Oricon Week The Ichiban (1997.09.08) {1 page} Two Mix interview, COLOR
Takayama Minami is also part of the following groups.
Minami is also the vocalist for the group TWO MIX, who does the OP themes Just
Communication and Rhythm Emotion for the Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing TV anime.
() Hitoshi Doi

: Alex Rusakov 2:5020/1341.17 28 p 98 09:02
: Vladimir Avdonin 29 p 98 19:44
: Re:

Hello Vladimir!
Vladimir Avdonin -> All [] Thursday March 26 1998
               , - !
               H p 2X2, p p -
               p ?! p -
, , y Anime Music Collection ( p
), p y .
               p ???
p p p
Alex Rusakov ( AKA /Nagumo/ ) [Team R.An.Ma. -- Russian Anime & Manga]

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 28 p 98 09:14
: All 29 p 98 19:44
: Re: Eva Overanalysis (possible spoliers)

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: (Tsurugi: Shinku na Ken) (Friday March 27 1998 21:53)
* : All
* : Re: Eva Overanalysis (possible spoliers)

============================================================================= wrote:
              I am rather (in)famous in several circles for thinking way too much
              on a subject and then writing a whole thesis paper on it. This time,
              I decided to tackle some mysteries of "Neon Genesis Evangelion", the
              newest mecha/sci-fi anime with some interesting twists. (There might
              be some spoilers in here. Continue at your own discretion.)
Hmph. You barely scratched the surface...
              1. Lilith
              According to Encyclopedia Americana...
               "LILITH, lil lith, a female demon with origins in
               Babylonian, Jewish, and Muslim folklore. In one
               tradition she was the first wife of Adam, with
               whom she claimed equality because they were
               created together. She refused to serve Adam and
               was expelled from Eden before God created Eve."
Lillith was created from the dust along with Adam, and therefore she
wished to be equal to him. She refused to lie beneeth him during sex.
When god ordered her to she fled to the Red Sea. Three angels
(Sennui, Sansennui, and Samagaluf) were ordered to the Red Sea to make
her return to Adam. She refused and thus was never permitted to
reeneter the Garden of Eden. Afterward Eve was created from Adam s
spare rib and thus she was not considered his equal because she had
been created from him. Since Lillith was not present at the fall from
grace in which Adam and Eve were given mortality she remains immortal
to this day.
              So far, so good. But this is where things get *really* interesting:
               "Lilith was believed to be the queen of demons
               and Satan s consort. From her unions with [Satan],
Not with Satan ever, to my knowledge at least. Asmodeus and Sammel
               or, in other accounts, with Adam, evil spirits
               were born . . . In the guise of a beautiful woman
               she had intercourse with men and gave birth to demons."
Lillirh was said to have lain with either an angel or Asmodeus and
produced two children. The children, one male, one female, were said
to be the most beautiful creatures every to exist on the planet, and
they were the first Lilim.
Lilim, IIRC is what Kaoru calls all humans. Therefore the conclusion
can be drawn that humans are all descended from Lillith. This could
be a statment about independence amoung female as that s what Lillith
was, the first independant and strong woman.
              I don t know how much of this Director Anno was referring to,
              but it really puts Gendou and SEELE s plans into questionable
              light, doesn t it? I mean, if the Constructive Third Impact is
              supposed to happen by some sort of union with Lilith...
              Maybe humanity didn t go to heaven, after all...don t you find
              it strange that EVA opened exactly on Yom Kippur, the Jewish
              Day of Atonement and Divine Judgement?
              2. The number 14
I still need to learn numerology. ^_^;
              3. The English Translation of the Title
Personally I prefer a direct translation from the Japanese.
4. The Spear of Lognius. (or however it s spelled)
When Jesus was on his cross a Roman legionary whos name I cannot spell
^_^;; stabbed him in the side with his spear. Some say that this act
was done to end Jesus suffereing, others to make sure he was dead.
Regardless, this spear was bathed in the blood of Christ and gained
mystical powers. The legionary became a follower of Christ. Mention
of the spear goes along with the grail in The Death of Arthur" by Sir
Thomas Malory. This spear is said by some to hold power over destiny
5. The Kaballah s Tree of Life
This is shown during the opening sequence. The Tree of Life is made
up of the 10 Sephiroth which is God. A soul upon death must make the
journey up to the top Sephira, Kether, which is referred to as the
crown of god. Mystic may also trace the path through the Sephirot to
gain enlightenment and magic, but each path to the next tier has
guardiens which must be defeated. Humans reside on the bottom tier,
Malkuth, the Kingdom, Earth. The next step towards enlightenment is
Jesod, the foundation of magic, the moon.
6. Fly Me to the Moon
Read #5 and this should hold some value.
7. God s in his heaven--all s right with the world!
The last line from a section of Robert Browning s Pippa Passes
entitled Songs.
The year s at the spring,
And the spring s at the morn,
The morning s at seven.
The hillside s dew pearled,
The lark s on the wing,
The snail s on the thorn.
God s in his heaven--
All s right with the world.
Keep in mind that was from memory and may hols some inacuracy.
Anyway, the verse can be interpreted as a thanks to god for a fine
8. Tabris
Tabris is known as the angel of free will, and also as Nagisa Kaoru.
He exercises this free will when he chooses to allow Shinji to kill
him in order to preserve humanity.
9. Some character name meaning according to the Kaballah (from
Your name of Shinji contains many fine qualities. You have musical and
artistic ability, as well as good business judgment and
a fine sense of responsibility for the welfare of your fellow man.
This name brings out the deeper side of your nature, making
you warm-hearted and understanding in your response to the needs and
interests of those around you. You are always ready
to help those in less fortunate circumstances. A weakness lies in the
fact that you are deeply affected through your feeling for
others and could suffer through worry and disturbed thoughts over
matters that you can do nothing about. While you have an
appreciation for the finer things of life and could be successful
along inspirational as well as business lines of endeavour, there is
a tendency to become involved in the needs and interests of others to
the detriment of your own progress. Home and family
are important to you and you desire to establish a settled home
environment where you can enjoy the congenial companionship
of friends and family.
The name of Rei creates an impulsive nature and because of this
quality you could be subject to many accidents through acting
without thinking. You dislike all restrictions, interference, and
monotony. You can complete only things that hold your interest.
You find it difficult to relax because you feel you should be
continually on the go, driving yourself to accomplish undertakings.
As you are quick-minded and clever yourself, you find it difficult to
be tolerant of the shortcomings of others. Little things upset
you, and when things bother you to a certain point, you lose your
temper, often saying things that you do not really mean. You
are often too naive, taking people at their word, only to find that
they are inclined to take advantage of you in many ways.
People rarely live up to your expectations. You usually judge people
when you first meet them and rarely do you change your
opinion. This name makes you extremely sensitive in your stomach and
solar plexus.
(is it me, or does that seem the total and complete opposite of Rei?)
The name of Asuka allows untold opportunities for promotion and
financial accumulation. It is one that fires you with ambition
and promotional ideas galore--ideas that are original, progressive,
and on a large scale. With this name, success to you is a
foregone conclusion, for you cannot conceive any reason for not
reaching the ultimate achievement of all your goals. This name
gives you self-sufficiency, supreme confidence, boundless energy, and
enthusiasm--qualities which often prove a deterrent to
your competitors. The ever-present desire to progress, however, does
not allow you proper relaxation. This name does not
allow compassion for your fellow man but rather a shrewd and
calculating appraisal. It is much too dominant and strong for it
causes you to be drawn into the business world where you must assume a
great deal of responsibility. As a result, your health
suffers as this is not a natural expression, and the resultant
frustration and repression of your softer, deeper qualities could
cause female troubles, or tumours possibly requiring operations. This
name is too hard and should not be used as it interferes
with relaxation, peace of mind, and congenial associations.
10. German words.
Nerv = Nerve
Gehirn = Brain
Seele = Soul
There s still plenty to go, but I m tired or writing right now. ^_^;;
If no body picks up and lists out the signifigence of all the names of
the angels I may do it later. Jacob s Ladder might deserve a mention
as well.
Tsurugi, over analyzes as well. ^_^
Konnichi-wa, All!

: Artyom Tolstobrov 2:5025/2.75 28 p 98 09:26
: Boris Ivanov 29 p 98 19:44
: Anime vs Disney

, Boris!
28 Mar 98 17:32, Boris Ivanov wrote to Mikhail Ramendik:
                             p p , p
               "p__". y, . ;-)
- , , ? ?
Artyom [Team R.An.Ma. -- Russian Anime & Manga (Voronezh Dept.)]

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 28 p 98 09:40
: All 29 p 98 19:44
: Eva (

Konnichi-wa, All!
WARNING! The following contains information that, if read before viewing the
entire series, may lessen your enjoyment of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION
Neon Genesis Evanelion
Although NEON GENESIS EVANGELION may appear at first glance to be a
straightforward animated science fiction series about young pilots controlling
giant robots, once one peers below the surface one finds a far more complex
structure of metaphysical and religious underpinnings that serve as currents to
drive the story forward. Indeed, by the time EVANGELION reaches its climax in
the highly controversial original series ending, the fundamental basics of our
existing reality have been thrown out the window as director Hideaki Anno and
his staff seek to find a way to reconcile the traditional concepts of God and
Creation with a new millennium in which, depending upon one s analysis of the
facts as presented, Man either attempts to find an alternative path to God...
or to become God himself.
As NEON GENESIS EVANGELION is literally awash with both verbal and visual
religious references and analogies, it would be difficult to dispute that there
must be some significance to all the religious and mystical subtext. For
example, the names of the three super-computers that actually control all
aspects of human life within Tokyo-3 are biblical in origin: Melchior,
Balthazar and Casper, collectively known as the three Magi, while the code name
for NERV s hidden base in the underground Geo Front is Central Dogma. The
mysterious NERV logo that is constantly emblazoned across the screen though out
the series contains the phrase "Gods In His Heaven. All s Right With The
World," a quote from Browning, while a Systema Sephiroticum, drawn by the
German priest Athanasius Kircher in 1653, appears on the ceiling of NERV head
Gendo Ikari s enormous office. Multiple references are made to the Kabbalah,
and both a mystical Tree of Life and a Jacob s Ladder are displayed during the
opening credits sequence. The Seven Eyes of God appear, quite literally, during
a sequence in which an object referred to as the Spear of Longinus (the "Spear
of Destiny", which pierced the side of Jesus during the crucifixion) is shown
piercing the side of the Angel Lillith, which has been bound to a crucifix-like
support. The Second Impact, which annihilates half of the Earth s population
fifteen years prior to the actual start of the series, accomplishes the
majority of its damage via a flood second only to Noah s, and even the
cataclysmic explosions that occur when Eva Unit One first goes into combat
against an Angel are undeniably cross-like. And then there are the Angel s
Although originally represented as alien beings of unknown origin, and though
never completely explained to date, it becomes increasingly obvious that the
Angels are not simply ruthless invaders, but are, in fact, working according to
some kind of plan that is meant to somehow steer the human race. Despite their
apparently limitless power, the Angels never attack in sufficient numbers to
overwhelm NERV, and the defeat of each Angel, in turn, always requires some new
advancement in the evolution of the relationship between the Evas and their
young pilots. This becomes a very viable possibility when one considers that,
although the creators of EVANGELION have specified that the name Angels be used
for these creatures in the English language version, the original Japanese term
is more properly translated as Emissary or Apostle. Perhaps the greatest
evidence that the Angels are, in fact, working to some divine plan, is the
revelation that the so-called Second Impact, initially explained by both
military and scientific authorities alike as the result of an asteroid strike
on Antarctica, was actually the result of man s first contact with an Angel,
and that it was the Second Impact itself that produced the only human beings
capable of controlling an Evangelion. Are we to assume the fact that the
children of the Marduk Report, all born nine months after the cataclysm, are
merely some form of cosmic accident? Or, rather, as many have surmised, are we
actually being shown the mechanism through which the human race will be evolved
to the next level of being?
The continued evolution of the human species, incidentally, is also being
attempted by the human inhabitants of the Eva Universe. Referred to as the
Human Instrumentality Project, a name that, again, the creators have specified
for use in the English language version although a more literal translation
might render the original Japanese name as the Human Completion or Enhancement
Project, this scientific crusade has the most religious of foundations. With
the stated goal of changing Mankind from an "incomplete herd" to a "complete
one", the HIP is apparently focused around the extraction of DNA from the
embryotic remains of Adam, a being found in Antarctica just prior to Second
Impact. Was Adam in fact an Angel, or is he, as NERV head Gendo Ikari states in
episode eight, the first human? And given that Gendo is apparently in full
control of both the Evangelion Project and the Human Instrumentality Project,
exactly how far do their respective goals overlap? Has Gendo gone so far as to
sacrifice his own son Shinji, the Third Child and the pilot of Eva Unit One, on
the altar of a new technology in order to create a new race of Man?
One of the principle foundations for an examination of this extension of the
story line can be found in EVANGELION s depiction of living beings as vessels
for a separate intelligence that can be transferred from being to being. This
is shown not only in the character of Rei, who is demonstrated to be a clone
with conflicting sets of memories in latter episodes, but also in the giant
Evangelions themselves which, although robot-like in appearance, are actually
flesh and blood creations that house a human "pilot" within a womb-like
interior filled with a fluid substance that allows the interior being to
control the external shell. The idea that the Evas themselves are merely bodies
to be worn and discarded is evidenced by the labyrinth-like Eva graveyard
glimpsed later in the series. However, there is also ample evidence of the fact
that an Eva can exist as an independent entity, as is demonstrated by the
terrifying rogue Eva sequence in episode 18. The innate contradictions set up
by these two conflicting points of view serve only to amplify the image of the
Eva s creator as a genuine Frankenstein, literally stealing the bodies of the
not yet dead as a means re-creating the human race. And yet, at the same time,
is EVANGELION not also saying that perhaps it is our attachment to our human
shells that holds us back from the next step towards our ultimate future? For
if indeed the Angels are truly the emissaries of God, and if their mission is
to truly help us somehow advance, either physically or meta-physically, then
might they not have to destroy that which we cling to most, our physical
beings, if that is what prevents us from becoming closer to God?
It should be noted that, to date, EVA s creators have remained fairly quiet on
the subject of the mystical and religious implications of this extraordinary
series. However, for those who doubt that there is a message buried beneath the
surface veneer, there is one last thing that we should mention. Although NEON
GENSIS EVANGELION is the title the original Japanese creators have specified
for the English Language version, the original Japanese title is SHINSEIKI
EVANGELION, created from the Japanese words "shin" (new) and "seiki" (century)
and the German word for Gospel, "evangel , from which the word evangelist is
also derived. Thus, a literal translation would read "The Gospel of the New
Century"... and with a new millennium waiting just around the corner, perhaps
we will find that the speculations and fantasies of the creators of NEON
GENESIS EVANGELION are not as strange or as far-fetched as we would like to

: Sergey N. Okishev 2:5020/400 28 p 98 09:52
: All 29 p 98 19:44
: Re: Anime vs Disney

From: "Sergey N. Okishev"
Hi Artyom!
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