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: Mikhail Ramendik 2:5020/768.45 p 01 p 98 14:34
: Sergei Borodich 02 p 98 12:00
: H S.M.I.L.E.

Hello Sergei!
01 Apr 98 11:37, Sergei Borodich wrote to Khachik Ambarian:
                                           "p" ?
                             y ? y ?
                             y ! ^_^
               ? :)
Best regards,
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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 p 01 p 98 15:55
: All 02 p 98 12:00
: Re: Blond Japanese

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: (Robato Yao) (Monday March 30 1998 06:05)
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* : Re: Blond Japanese

In , (Boris Ivanov)
              Konnichi-wa, Erin!
              Erin Cochran -               All ni kaita...
               EC               This little excerpt from Antonia Levi s _Samurai From Outer
               EC               Space_, where she discusses what blond hair signifies in
               EC               anime, might interest you:
               EC               I wouldn t presume to judge how accurate this is, but I thought
               EC               it was a fairly interesting theory, at least.
               Well, the facts are not accurate, but I can agree with the main idea.
              Blondes mostly are the signs of something evil or, at least, somebody "not
Well, not exactly given the way some blondes are given heroine status
(Sailor Moon, Candy Candy).
When villains are cast as blondes, it s usuall an expression of your
typical subtle Western Imperialist type out to subdue us poor Asians.
              quite right". Pure white hair usually marks villians. Red hair - someone
White hair are often taken as the mark of dementia. Something like the
phrase that a person is so crazy, so mad that his or her hair turns
white. Notice that this is also played with Chinese cinema ( e.g. "The
Bride with White Hair". In fact this movie illuminated me what white
hair is about for Orientals) White hair to indicate craziness seems to
go a long way back into myths and legends of both cultures. They re
also used to indicate the "spooky" type--again a variation of the
demented characters, or the point that a person with so many
supernatural encounters will have his or her hair turn white. Or
simply, if the person is just plain spooky. Note Rei of Evangelion.
As typical, since villains must be crazed, they got white hair.
              "not like the others". Compare, for example, onna-Ranma and otoko-Ranma. ;-)
Red heads on the other hand, indicate a tempermental person. Onna-Ranma
is a bit tempermental and sensitive because she is uncomfortable about
the gender change. Red heads are also typical of strong willed
characters, and are often both tempermental and strong willed. Note Kei
(Dirty Pair), Asuka (Evangelion) and Seiya-Seiya (El Hazzard).
Black hair on the other hand, is used to signify your typical Japanese
person the audience can easily identify with.
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(counting down from top 50 oxymorons...)
10. Tight slacks
9. Definite maybe
8. Pretty ugly
7. Twelve-ounce pound cake
6. Diet ice cream
5. Rap music
4. Working vacation
3. Exact estimate
2. Religious tolerance
And the NUMBER ONE top oxy-MORON
1. Microsoft Works
---From the Top 50 Oxymorons (thanks to Richard Kennedy)
Konnichi-wa, All!
. p p... ;-)

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 p 01 p 98 15:59
: All 02 p 98 12:00
: Re: Anime Fans in Anime

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: Kiyone Mabiki (Tuesday March 31 1998 19:10)
* : All
* : Re: Anime Fans in Anime

On 31 Mar 1998, Scott Schimmel wrote:
               In "Hime-chan no Ribon," Himeko is a fan of manga. So s her stuffed
               animal/advisor, Pokota.
               This also ties together with the "breaking the fourth wall" thread,
               since among the manga they read is... Hime-chan no Ribon.
In volume 4 of Codename wa Sailor V, there is a #1 tankubon of Codename wa
Sailor V on Minako s bed.
Konnichi-wa, All!

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 p 01 p 98 16:00
: All 02 p 98 12:00
: Re: [HUMOR]Fights we DO want to see.

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: (Monday March 30 1998 11:41)
* : All
* : Re: [HUMOR]Fights we DO want to see.

Gendou vs. EVA-01
And I want slow-motion instant replays from a variety of camera angles and
commemerative t-shirts of the event.
Joel Mathis
"Shinji! Remember all the good times, son?"
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Konnichi-wa, All!
!!! !!!

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 p 01 p 98 16:47
: All 02 p 98 12:00
: py Macron 1...

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: Alan Takahashi (Monday March 30 1998 15:07)
* : All
* : [APG]: Anime Pocket Guide (06/19)

Title: Etranger (FILM) gSF tETR
Cast: tETR
Remy Shimoda ................................ Mami Koyama vKoM5 tETR
Shingo Hojo ............................ Hirotaka Suzuoki vSuH1 tETR
Gagler Killy ............................ Hideyuki Tanaka vTaH3 tETR
Bundoru ................................. Kaneto Shiozawa vShK6 tETR
Neoneros ................................ Yuzuru Fujimoto vFuY1 tETR
Kerunaguru ................................ Daisuke Gohri vGoD tETR
Francis .................................. Shuuichi Ikeda vIkS0 tETR
Sabalas ................................. Osamu Kobayashi vKoO tETR
Kenta .................................... Youko Matsuoka vMaY7 tETR
Dr. Zitter .............................. Mikio Terashima vTeM2 tETR
Description: tETR
Remy Shimoda is in a hurry. She s on her way to a reunion with tETR
the other members of the Go Shogun team, and she s late. A tETR
police action with some robbers gets in her way, so she runs the tETR
robbers off the road. Her vision blurs and she gets into an tETR
accident. The movie splits into two with one plot following tETR
Remy s slow decline at the hospital with the Go Shogun members tETR
and former enemies at her side, and her experience in a strange tETR
city where she, and the rest of the team have their deaths tETR
foretold. Remy, herself, is plagued by visions of her death, tETR
and visitations from a threatening girl and her panther-like cat.tETR
The temple at the center of the city is the key, so the team tETR
sets out to battle their way into it. Based on the giant robot tETR
series "Go Shogun", this is a story focusing on Remy, the female tETR
member of the team. Remy s mother was a French prostitute, so tETR
Remy has a tainted and confused past. This aspect is played tETR
upon in the movie where we see an older Remy, 30 years after the tETR
"Go Shogun" series on the one hand, and the younger Remy in the tETR
city. Whether the city is a dream or not is left ambiguous... tETR
NOTE: "Etranger" is French for "stranger" and refers to Remy s tETR
status as an outsider... tETR
NOTE: The "Go Shogun" series was dubbed and released in the US tETR
as 1/2 of the "Macron 1" TV series tETR
Rating: [1 2 3 ] tETR
Konnichi-wa, All!

: Sergey N. Okishev 2:5020/400 p 01 p 98 17:24
: All 02 p 98 12:00
: Re:

From: "Sergey N. Okishev"
!! :(
, , Outlook.
. . .

: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 p 01 p 98 21:02
: All 02 p 98 12:00
: Re: Superman/Dirty Pair! Yay!

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: Ron (Sunday March 29 1998 23:55)
* : All
* : Re: Superman/Dirty Pair! Yay!

David Crowe wrote:
               Wizard #81 had a little news blurb announcing that Adam Warren will be
               doing a 2-issue Dirty Pair/Superman crossover late this year or early 99.
               The DP will travel back to the 20th century DCU.
               It will involve the real, classic Superman, since the illo shows Kei
               committing the cardinal sin of tugging on Superman s cape. :)
               I m stoked, of course. Does anyone else have any thoughts?
Well, at least we ll find out what REALLY happened to Krypton...:)
(it s not OUR fauuuultt....;)
Konnichi-wa, All!
y... y, p... ;-)

: Maxim Krutyko 2:5020/1057.12 p 01 p 98 21:09
: Alex Lapshin 02 p 98 12:00

p, Alex!
c p 29 1998 18:55, Alex Lapshin Maxim Krutyko:
                             "y p" (Dragon Ball) p
                             `92 :)
               " p" .
p yy... :)
               p , pp "p" --
. yp DNEWS p, y py
p. "py", , p, .
p p "".
               p, , p
               - p "DragonBall". H , .
p , pp :)
               , 22, .
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