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: Evgenie Medvedev 2:5020/207.207 30 H 97 19:09
: Mikhail Ramendik 01 97 14:34
: Teenage Wasteland 1/2

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Saturday November 29 1997 01:46, Mikhail Ramendik wrote to Paul Kluchnikov:
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p Silver Moon MUX ....
=== Begin MEMORA~1.TXT ===
History of human race in solar system.
version 0.9 beta.
Deep in the past unknown, human race appeared in the galaxy, on a planet near
the galactic core, and quickly achieved the heights unknown since, became
powerful enough to settle the entire galaxy, almost every habitable planet.
Nothing is known about this time in great detail except the fact it must have
to do something with the Cauldron all the senshi crystals come from, and the
fact that Earth was settled just about then. For millenia, humans lived in
peace, as the galaxy was big enough for everyone... millenia until Chaos came
and the wars started. Earth lost any connection to outside world, and soon,
lost all magics that had to do with space travel.
Not much is known about the past of Queen Selenity either. We can only theorise
that she was living in a planetary system, somewhere closer to galaxy core, we
do not even know if she was a ruler of this system then. There was something
really special about that system and about Selenity though. The Time Portal.
Time Portal is a unique natural phenomenon, something that allows people to
transcend time, something no known magic in the whole Galaxy had to offer,
except the Dark Crystal of Black Moon Family, but we have yet to know who or
what was the Wiseman and where did he get the knowledge necessary to build it.
The Time Portal was tied to the small barren piece of rock, the Moon, which was
then just an asteroid somewhere on the far reaches of Selenity's home system.
In a way that remains unknown to us now, she discovered that barren asteroid
Moon was then. And she discovered what it really was, discovered and unlocked
it's power, but she had not known what would it cost her. In in a flash she saw
ALL of the future and ALL of the past. All the infinite possibilities locked
into a single timeline. Good or bad, she already had complete knowledge of all
the future history relevant to her descendants and ancestors, including her own
actions. She became locked in the vision that was true only because she locked
it by the act of seeing, like we lock the future by divination, choosing one
possible outcome out of many. Purely subconsciously, she chose at that moment
maybe the one path that would ensure the best hope for humanity and her
daugher. She chose a path that would give her daughter the longest lifespan
possible, actually, without much regard to the destinies of others.
Selenity was quick to realise just how much damage can be done with the portal
at your disposal and how much good can be done also, she decided to lock it and
make sure nobody knows - just in case. Artisans were called upon and made the
doors which she enchanted, and people left the asteroid. There was no need for
a guardian back then as the galaxy was quite peaceful, and doors would suffice.
Then the Chaos wars started and Selenity followed the future she saw once - it
was time to hide the portal away from the war. She announced that she would
take anybody who wished to follow her was to arrive on the surface of the
asteroid - after which, they will move to make themselves a new home, somewhere
where Chaos would not find them. Lots of people from many solar systems in the
vicinity heard the call and arrived there to follow her. They thought it was
just a planetoid...
Selenity wished for the Silver Crystal to teleport it into the orbit of a
habitable world. Unfortunately, the crystal, being known for its incomplete
understanding of its user's wishes, teleported them into the orbit of an
already inhabited planet.
Teleporting the Time Portal itself was no easy task indeed. It is not just a
rock, it is not just energy, it's God alone knows what, with dimensions
interlocking and mixing in it. Teleporting it required infinitely more energy
than just teleporting a piece of rock, and Selenity had to use the Silver
Crystal to the fullest - and die because channeling such an amount of energy
through your body does not come without a great cost. She managed to delay her
death, however, delay enough to help her people settle the new solar system and
to do one other thing. She used the Crystal to lock her spirit to her
descendants. Upon her daughter assuming the throne of her new kingdom, the
spirit would bond to the spirit of her mother, and in such a way it would
continue down the generations. One of the first things she did upon arrival in
the system was something else, though. She had to select a Guardian of Time, as
the planetoid was now populated and the portal doors needed someone actively
watching over them - and the timeline, as Selenity was not inclined to let it
all go by itself.
Selenity picked a planet, farthest from the sun, the most out of reach and
desolate place there was in the system, and crowned a girl of her court the
Princess of Pluto, (One probably has to be at least 20 years old to be crowned
a queen in Silver Millenium.) thus giving her the title of Sailor Senshi of
Pluto. (I would imagine Setsuna being like 5 years old at the time....
Chibi-Setsuna being crowned the princess of Pluto and Selenity leading her by
the hand into the portal doors.... awww how cute. *_*)
Pluto did not suffer quite the same fate as Selenity specifically because she
was not the first to go through, the Portal was already working normally, and
anyway, Selenity instructed her.... that's actually one reason why Setsuna was
loyal to the queen so much. Anyone whom you know to have suffered so much
knowledge of the future history, much more than Pluto herself, and taking it
that well deserves extreme awe.
Selenity knew, though, that they did not run away from Chaos far enough, so she
took measures to defend the system. Token settlements were created on Uranus
and Neptune, and appropriate women were crowned the Queens of these, to be the
senshi of these planets and watch for Chaos advancing and be the outer defense.
Saturn was the only planet left totally untouched. Sailor Pluto was to oversee
that Saturn would be born when the time is right, in case everything is lost,
to destroy the Moon and with it, the Time Portal.
When the time came for the refugees to choose planets to move to, they chose
according to their interests, forming new and distinct planetary cultures.
Selenity had been afraid that this would lead to seperatism and disunity among
her people, but, fortunately for the Silver Millenium, the planetary kingdoms
were unable to sustain themselves without aid from the other planets, and thus,
each planet was needed to help the others to survive. Selenity knew, however,
that there would be times when the base nature of people would erupt, causing
conflict, and so, to this end, she set up the Senshi Guard. (Actually, this was
not Selenity's idea. The existance of Starlights and Princess Kakyuu leads us
to believe this was common practice in systemwide empires.)
Every twenty years, the eldest daughter of the royal house of each planet, who
would become Queen upon the death of her mother, would, upon reaching the age
of sixteen, be inducted into service under the Moon Kingdom, and Queen
Selenity. These young ladies would train to become the guardians of the Queen's
daughter, the Moon Princess, and carry the Sailor Crystals of their respective
planets. They would learn to act as a team, with the hopes that this would keep
their planets from having any major problems once they themselves had become
Queens of each planet. This method proved to be quite successful, and was used
for many generations.
Every time the princesses of the inner planets go to the moon to assume the
office of Senshi, either the Senshi of Uranus or Neptune is there to serve as
their tutor and mentor. The terms of service of the two Outer Senshi is a lot
longer than the 20 years of the Inner, they are allowed to give up their post
only if they have a heir to take it.
Some of the magical power of Selenity was lost in that adventure and the
lifespan of her immediate daughter was shorter, only about 500 years. (The
original Selenity was simply _ancient_ by the time she died.) But the spirit of
Selenity bonded to hers upon taking the throne of her new empire, the Silver
Millenium, and she assumed the name Selenity. She called her own daughter
Serenity, and the daughter once again inherited most of the spirit of her
mother upon assuming the throne, thus keeping the memory of all these ancient
times alive. (That is why the queen of the moon is always called SeLenity and
the princess is always SeRenity.)
Meanwhile, on Earth, when the settlers lost contact with the homeworlds, they
split into various factions, forming their own countries, kingdoms, and what
have you. Only in the past few millenia have these various kingdoms started to
reunify into one great Empire, named the Golden Elysium, ruled by King
Endymion, with Prince Endymion as his heir. By the time of creation of Silver
Millenium, Earth only had the capability to travel as far as the Moon.
About five thousand years the uneasy peace between the Silver Millenium and
Golden Elysium remained. Trade between the two Empires was kept at a minimum
due to xenophobia. Traders based on Earth had not the means of transportation
to conduct a large-scale shipping project, and, of course, the Golden Elysium
wasn't about to let the ships from another Empire land upon its soil. (Tell me,
if a whole planetoid suddenly appeared in the sky, would you be so eager to let
them in?) The Silver Millenium, having the magical knowledge necessary to
create more advanced vessels, was none too eager to let this knowledge slip to
a people whom might become their enemy some day all too soon.
But at the moment of Season 0 start, the treaty was signed between Selenity and
Endymion, that promised a new era of friendship between the empires. Prince
Endymion travelled to the Moon to negotiate the treaty and there, he first saw
Serenity. When in two weeks Selenity announced a ball for the nobility of both
empires to celebrate the treaty, Prince Endymion arrived there with his own
Guard, the Four Kings, (who, actually, existed for similar reasons as the
Senshi Guard) and this coinceded with the new set of Princesses arriving to the
Moon to start serving their twenty years - and naturally, they were there on
the ball too. Needless to say, this was one of the more romantic moments in the
history of Silver Millenium.
Prince Endymion was heir to the only empire of Earth, and as such, was the Most
Eligible Bachelor there. And naturally he had scores of suitors, Princess Beryl
of Kurayami Kingdom included. Kurayami Kingdom was a small, insignificant
kingdom within Golden Elysium, and the only chance for Beryl to gain any power
worth speaking about was to marry someone more important. When she heard of the
prince falling in love with the Moon princess, she was furious. She immediately
went to the dark, deep reaches of her castle and opened up the door everybody
forgot. The door to the part of castle library where books on dark magic were
Beryl tried to cast a spell to summon a mid-level powered demon to do her
bidding. What she got was entirely different. Queen Metallia, one of the
powerful beings born of Chaos Cauldron, was, during one point in the war,
exiled into a different reality, one of those realities demons dwell in. She
amassed considerable power during her exile, but was unable to open the portal
back into the normal world as it was the requirement of the banishment spell
for the door to be opened from the outside. When she heard the call, she
projected herself before Beryl, (being exiled implies you can't just appear in
person) and posed as a lowly demon ready to do whatever Beryl wishes. Beryl
immediately demanded the heart of Endymion - all to herself, and Metallia
replied, that to do that, Beryl will have to do something herself. The tutoring
of Beryl in dark magics was started then, and Beryl grew in power extremely
fast due to Metallia helping her.
This continued on for six months. Beryl slowly cut the strings that connected
her with the rest of Golden Elysium. To gain more power, she even sacrificed
her own parents in a dark ritual, thus becoming the Queen Beryl. She converted
most of people of her kingdom into youma by infusing their bodies with dark
energy and mangling the spirits to match - she even corrupted the Four Kings,
Endymion's guard. When the time came, she started learning how to actually
summon Metallia into this world, break open the door. She summoned seven demons
from Metallia's realm to posess human bodies she kidnapped, with success... and
then, she summoned Metallia herself.
This was disastrous. Presence of such an amount of dark energy in the system
caused all the non-dark magic in the system to stop working like a powerful
radio signal drowns out all the other transmissions. Terraforming devices on
the planets failed, and most of their citizens died within days. Beryl's armies
took less than a day to turn Golden Elysium into rubble.
Then Beryl with a relatively small contingent was whisked away to the moon,
(she had troops with her more for protection from any possible accident than to
destroy the Moon Kingdom, as it would die out soon thereafter anyway), and
Beryl tried to get what she wanted - Endymion. Not that she succeeded.
Selenity invoked the power of Silver Crystal once again and wished for it to
banish Metallia and any spirit corrupted enough into a pocket reality, to where
they would not be able to return from. It would have been much easier to just
vaporise vast sections of terrain, but Selenity wanted to minimise damage, and
either way it would require using the crystal to the fullest - and once again,
dying. The crystal spent a lot of energy to combat Metallia, eventually
bringing her into coma and sealing her, Beryl, the whole army of youma and a
big section of Kurayami Kingdom inside pocket reality. Selenity expended the
power of Silver Crystal to send the spirits of all those who died within range
into reincarnation, to "a place without war". Once this was done though,
Selenity realised seven entities did not fit the search pattern - the seven
demons living in human bodies. She could not kick them into the pocket reality
too as it was closed, and she also realised that leaving them to roam free
would mean human civilisation never recovering - and she needed somewhere safe
to keep the crystal until her daughter was to reincarnate. So with the final
act of her will, she split the crystal into seven parts, which turned into
seven magic spirits, located the seven demons and bound to them, ensuring that
their human part would be the first to awaken upon reincarnation into which
Selenity sent them.
There is one other thing that should be mentioned and this is two cat advisors,
people from planet Mau which followed Selenity for a long time. They were put
by Selenity into time stasis capsules which were to open several years before
Serenity was about to reincarnate. With this, human history started to pick up
the pace slowly, and the youma of Kurayami kingdom, now so aptly called Dark
Kingdom, started their long recovery process.
The rest is better described in other history books, suffice it is to say that
about fifteen thousand years passed before the those who died in the demise of
Silver Millenium were finally reincarnated in the seventies of XX century AD,
in Tokyo, Japan. Artemis, one of the moon cats, was the first to find the
official leader of the senshi, Sailor Venus, in 1989, and instruct her in her
duty. It was important to protect the princess, as the Dark Kingdom gathered as
much energy from their pocket reality as was at all possible - enough to start
venturing out into the normal world to gather more energy necessary to revive
.... to be continued.
=== End MEMORA~1.TXT ===
Evgenie Medvedev AKA Express AKA Nozomu AKA Hematite [RAnMa][Team CPT],
... If I had my life to live over again, I'd make the same mistakes sooner.

: Evgenie Medvedev 2:5020/207.207 30 H 97 19:30
: Khachik Ambarian 01 97 14:34
: Raye trilogy.

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H p ...
Evgenie Medvedev AKA Express AKA Nozomu AKA Hematite [RAnMa][Team CPT],
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p p , p p
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. p p
p p p .
               , (cf.
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p -....
Evgenie Medvedev AKA Express AKA Nozomu AKA Hematite [RAnMa][Team CPT],
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