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: Bohdan Afanasjev p 15 p 98 02:51
: Battle Arena Toshinden

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Eiji Shinjo - Flaming Yamato Spirit.
Height: 5 8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Age: 21
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Weapon: Magical Bakko Japanese Sword
Though still a young man, Eiji is already a reknowned worldwide adventurer.
He is passionate and aggressive, and employs a powerful sword technique
which he learned from his older brother. But Eiji s brother, his sole
remaining family, has been missing for years. Eiji has scoured the world to
find him. Now his last hope lays at Battle Arena Toshinden.
Special Moves:
Hyakki Moshuu Ken
Kayin Amoh - Storm.
Height: 5 9"
Weight: 141 lbs.
Age: 22
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Japanese-Scottish
Weapon: Cariburn Saber, AKA Excalibur, the Legendary Sacred Sword
Kayin learned swordsmanship alongside Eiji, under the tutelage of Eiji s lost
brother. For many years, Kayin and Eiji have been both friends and rivals.
But Kayin s personality is totally opposite that of his friend. Despite his
intense fighting spirit, Kayin s outward presence is cool, almost stoic. His
demeanor, as well as his prized Cariburn Saber, have been passed from father
to son through the generations of Kayin s Scottish Highlander clan, and have
served them well. Kayin has entered Battle Arena Toshinden to avenge his
father s murder, believing that he may find the assassin among the
Sonic Slash
Deadly Rays
Scottish Moon
Leg Crush
Hell s Inferno
Sofia - Slashing Whip
Height: 5 7"
Weight: 111 lbs.
Age: 24
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Russian
Weapon: Whip
Sofia has a noble character and a strong core. Formerly a Russian secret
agent, she is known and feared for the power ans speed of her whipping
techniques. She works as a private investigator these days, but her past
remains a mystery, even to herself. A recent event has given her a clue to
her secrets. Thus, she accepts the challenge of fighting at Battle Arena
Toshinden in order to learn the truth about her past.
Thunder Ring
Aurora Revolution
Rattle Snake
Laugh Taunt
Face Slap
Call Me Queen
Rungo Iron - Natural Man
Height: 6 4"
Weight: 204 lbs.
Age: 30
Blood Type: A
Nationality: American
Weapon: Huge Iron Club that delivers fierce destructive power
Rungo is a North American miner with a giant s strength and a heart of gold.
While mining in the Appalachians, he struck a vein of uranium in an unmarked
section of the shaft. Rungo immediately sealed off the shaft to prevent the
uranium from falling into the wrong hands. But an evil Organization, intent
on possessing the ore, kidnapped Rungo s wife and son. Rungo has arrived at
Battle Arena Toshinden determined to win back his family. Though lacking
formal martial-arts training, Rungo is counting on his Herculean strength and
keen survival instinct to gain victory.
Fire Wave
Power Thrust
Batter Up
Fire Strike
Head Butt
Mega Fire Wave
Fo Fai - Superhuman Power of Darkness
Height: 5
Weight: 106 lbs.
Age: 106
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Chinese
Weapon: Konso Gakka, the Iron Claw, created for assassination in the dark
mists of the past
Although Fo Fai plays the role of a kindly magician, he is said to have put
thousands of people to death, both in his native China and around the world.
Everything about him is cloaked in mystery. With superhuman power (rumored
to result from fearful spells), he attacks with unpredictable moves and a
cobra s lightning speed. Fo welcomes the chance to deliver grievous injury
to his opponents.
Mystic Sphere
Pagoda Kick
Sphere Burst
Traveling Sphere
Claw Slide
Small Fart
Laugh Taunt
Claw Flip Throw
Do Do Don Pappa
Mondo - Heartless Demon
Height: 5 10"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Age: 42
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Japanese
Weapon: Seiryu Spear, said to carry the power to control the heavens
Mondo is the strongest warrior in the feared Yaki clan. This clan inhabits
the dense, secluded forests in the foothills of Mt. Fuji. The clan is
infamous for its inhumane leaders and destructive, secretive acts. Its
warriors have learned to turn their feelings to stone so that they can coldly
execute barbaric deeds without emotion. Battle Arena Toshinden is a mission
assigned to Mondo by the Clan. With the anciant spear Seiryu in
his grasp, Mondo prepares for the battle of his life.
Goriki Tenbu
Goriki Fujin
Goriki Raijin
Shippu Tsuki Jyodan
Shippu Tsuke Gedan
Spear Skewer
Choriki Daibutsumetsu
Duke Proud, Strong Swordsman
Height: 6 2"
Weight: 166 lbs.
Age: 29
Blood Type: A
Nationality: French
Weapon: Dernier Vancour, the Two-Handed Sword, with a power and sharpness
exceeding all legendary weapons
Duke is a high-born, well-mannered, chivalrous "gentilhomme", the lord of an
ancient castle in the pastoral hills of France. He excels in martial arts,
and is the champion of gentlefolk and peasants alike in his region. Duke used
to have absolute confidence in his masterful swordsmanship, until he lost a
duel against the adventurer Eiji. Since then, Duke has been obsessed with
the idea of defeating his rival.
Southern Cross
Head Crush
Knight Strike
Knee Bash
The End
Ellis - Wind Dancer
Height: 5 1"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Age: 16
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Turkish
Weapon: Dirk, a kind of dagger most effective at close range
Hungarian gypsy Ellis is the star dancer of a traveling theater group.
Although strong-willed and courageous, she is also gentle and nurturing. She
has become a big sister to the younger children in the troupe, protecting and
caring for them. Early on, Ellis was told that her own family had died in an
accident. But lately she has heard rumors that her
father may still be alive. In order to unravel the truth, she is pursuing a
career in dangerous fighting. This makes her a natural for Battle Arena
Flaming Crescent
Air Dance
Arc Slash
Ribbon Toss
Drop Kick
French Kiss
Gaia - Devil Warrior
Height: 12
Weight: 221 lbs.
Age: 40?
Blood Type: O
Nationality: ?
Weapon: Armor Bastar, the Last Darkness, the most awe-inspiring,
technologically superior weapon known to fighting
Gaia is a leader and the strongest warrior in the mysterious organization
that sponsors Battle Arena Toshinden. He waits... and watches... and then
mercilessly attacks any warrior who has won many battles. His additional arms
are part of his armor. These appendages have their own intelligence,
responding to Gaia s thoughts to totally defeat his opponents.
Full Steam
Sea Slash
Arm Blast
Spinning Bastar
Sho Shinjo
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Age: ?
Blood Type: ?
Nationality: Japanese
Weapon: ?
Sho is Eiji Shinjo s long lost brother. He is the *real* final boss of the
game. To fight him, you must defeat Gaia without using any continues, at
NORMAL or higher difficulty. After you defeat him, you will see the game s
real ending and receive Sho s Secret Move.
Double Rekkuzan
Angled Shouzan
Leg Crush
Scottish Moon
Eiji s Throw
Kayin s Throw
Hyakki Moshuu Ken
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