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* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: (Innpchan) (Saturday April 18 1998 18:21)
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* : Re: New skewed ABC poll... anime bad for kids?

In article <6h9vv4$>, "The Eternal Lost Lurker"
                                            Probably not much. After all, Disney s officially getting into the
              anime industry this summer, remember? They would be doing themselves a
              disservice if they attacked anime at this point in the game.
                             no they would be the guys in the white hats saving it for "the
               If Disney supports a media hype calling anime a force of evil, and then
              turns around and releases two anime films on video, they re going to look
              awfully suspicious. They can t afford to compromise themselves like that.
But they ve already started to spin the Ghibli films as NOT "anime". They say
they aren t releasing violent, sexual "anime", but only focusing on the
brilliant work of a single Japanese director, Hayao Miyazaki.
Here s the relevant bit from the 2/01/98 New York Times article:
Kiki, the young star of "Kiki s Delivery Service," isn t from Jerra but from a
magic kingdom many galaxies removed called the Walt Disney Company. The film,
which will be released straight to video later this year, represents Disney s
cautious entry into Japanese animation. But don t call the film anime. Disney
officials are skirting the term as if it were radioactive. Kiki is actually a
good witch who flies around doing good deeds. "A sweet, sweet story," said
Tanya Moloney, a vice president of Buena Vista, Disney s video arm.
These days, anime refers strictly to "adult" Japanese animation, aimed
primarily at young men. But those films make up only a small fraction of the
enormous body of work turned out every year by Japanese animators. Recently,
Disney secured the rights to "Kiki s Delivery Service" and seven other films by
Hayao Miyazake, one of Japan s more Disney-like animators. Ms. Moloney
emphasized that the company was not only giving a wide berth to racy,
battle-ravaged anime but was entering, in a limited way, the family-oriented
precincts of Japanese animation. "We are merely recognizing the talents of one
particular animator, Hayao Miyazake," she said.
Disney figures they re big enough to actually RE-DEFINE what "anime" is, and
they re giving it a shot.
With the death of Pol Pot, I am amazed anew at the inability of the
baby-boomers to correlate their anti-war protests with the rise of his
murderous communist regime.
Once their parents die, they will try to blame -us-.
C.J. Scott --the pig
Ohayou gozaimasu, All!
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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 20 p 98 21:56
: All p 22 p 98 13:37
: Japan s comic industry ROCKS

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: (Francis A Uy) (Sunday April 19 1998 16:33)
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* : Japan s comic industry ROCKS

Lili & I just got back from a week in Japan. We ate lots of sushi,
visited a bunch of Tokugawa stuff, and rode fast on-time trains.
I also took a look at the local comics, and was very impressed.
I ll be posting a lengthy semi-review (wakarima sen the kanji and
non-Japlish hiragana) of Big Comic Superior #260 in the near future.
For now, I just want to say that it would not be a bad thing if
America s comic industry could be more like Japan s. I bought
three comics from a newsstand at the Odawara train station,
sitting right next to all the other magazines. For 720 yen
(under $6) I got almost 1200 pages of comics.
Let me say that again: twelve hundred pages of comics for $6.
That s 1/2 cent per page, compared to over 6 cents per page
for a typical US comic. Yes, fancy paper and full color are
more expensive, but 12 times more? I know what I prefer.
Ohayou gozaimasu, All!
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