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: Re: Anime references in Star Trek - anyone have a list?

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: (Shawn the Touched) (Thursday
April 23 1998 04:54)
* : All
* : Re: Anime references in Star Trek - anyone have a list?

On Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:00:53 -0400, Robert Kelk
              Does anyone out there have a list of the various anime references made
              in Star Trek episodes? (You know, things like the Ferengi access code
              in "Menage a Troi" starting out "Kei, Yuri, ...")
              Lacking that, does anyone want to post any references?
Here s what I have from the List of Lists. I ve clipped out the non-anime
related jokes. Aside from the ones below, Rick Sternbach once mentioned to me
that there were some little repair robots that were inspired by a similar
looking robot in the Dirty Pair.
"Conspiracy" - The topographical map of the planetary surface was a "very
shakey" drawing of Kei and Yuri. Yuri is on the right side, and Kei is upside
"Loud As A Whisper" - (DP) The conference table, "made to resemble indigenous
rock", had various markings on them. Most notable to Lovely Angels/Dirty Pair
fans are the marking "Kei" and "Yuri".
"The Measure Of A Man" - When Riker is showing off Data s arm to the JAG
representative, there is a pad on her desk which lists Data s parts, including
"Nausican Valve" and "Totoro Interface". Also, it is noted that part of Data s
construction is made out of something called "Yurium". (DP)
"Contagion" - The Iconian artifact has various markings on it, including "Kei
and Yuri" (DP), "Dirty Pair" (DP), "Gundam" and "Totoro." Also, the various
views as seen through the portal include: Toronto s City Hall and Nathan
Phillip s Square (depicting the arches over the reflecting pool/skating rink),
and Toronto s City Council Chambers. Also, in this episode, the Romulan ship
that attacked the Enterprise was named the "Harkonnen", which just happens to
be the name of the family that attacked the Atriedes family in the Dune
series. In this episode, another Galaxy Class Starship is mentioned. . . the
Yamato. This was originally the flagship of the Japanese fleet that fought in
World War II at both the Coral Sea and Midway before it was sunk by Torpedo
Bombers from an American carrier. Many years later, a Japanese Animation
series was done up, in which a battleship is reconfigured to become a starship
in order to recover something called the "Cosmo DNA". This series was called
"Starship Yamato", however, this series was known in the United States as
"Star Blazers".
"The Icarus Factor" - The TNG art department had a field day putting in
in-jokes. The mat has the chinese character of "sei", or "star" (as in "starry
sky". The two scrolls hanging on the walls say, in Japanese syllabic
characters (hiragana), "urusei yatsura", a pun of "ususai yatsura" ("noisy
neighbors" or "annoying neighbors", a Japanese animation. Also, while lunging
at Riker, Riker s father says (in a terrible accent), "youroshiku onegai
shimasu", literally saying "Please do me the favor of being kind to me", but
has the meaning of the English phrase "Pleased to meet you." Various other
markings include "Kei" (DP), "Yuri" (DP), "Akira", and "Tonari No Totoro". In
addition, the scrolls hanging on the walls also say, "Ataru", "Lum", and
"Uresai Yatsura".
"Samaritan Snare" - Picard mentions "Nausicaans" in a conversation with Wesley
on the shuttlecraft.
"Menage a Troi" - The Ferengi Security code begins with "Kei Yuri" (DP).
--Shawn the Touched
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