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: [01/06] H, ...

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: Steve Pearl Mon 27 Apr 98 15:36
: All Tue 28 Apr 98 03:08
: [FAQ][BSSM][H] FAQ v.1.14

Last-Modified: January 10, 1998
Version: 1.14 Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)
@}- -,-- @}- -,-- @}- -,-- @}- -,-- --,- -{@ --,- -{@ --,- -{@ --,- -{@
Written and updated by: Cernovog

Maintained by: Smokey

Updates are denoted by an asterisk (*)
Table Of Contents
00. *New Stuff
01. *About this FAQ...
02. What is Sailor Moon?
03. What is appropriate to post to this ng?
04. Where can I find adult oriented Sailor Moon stuff (games, art, etc)?
05. Where does this artwork come from?
06. *What doujinshis feature Sailor Moon characters?
07. *Where I can buy these doujinshi?
08. What s with all the censorship?
09. What is KISS?
10. *What KISS files feature Sailor Moon characters?
11. *What is Sailor Senshi Venus 5?
12. *What does [...] mean? An anime vocabulary list.
13. *Miscellaneous
@}- -,-- @}- -,-- @}- -,-- @}- -,-- --,- -{@ --,- -{@ --,- -{@ --,- -{@
00. New stuff
The contact address for FAQ Maintainer Smokey has been updated.
Please update your addressbooks accordingly.
Twenty-eight new doujinshi have been added to section 06. Some info
has been updated for other doujinshi (page numbers, etc.)
Two new sites have been added to the list of doujinshi vendors in
section 07.
Forty new KiSS sets have been added to section 10 (2 Moon,
2 Mercury, 6 Mars, 4 Jupiter, 2 Venus, 2 Uranus and Neptune, 1 Pluto,
3 Saturn, 2 Chibi-Usa/BlackLady, 1 Tux, 1 Luna, 5 R Villianesses,
Serenity, Momo, Unazuki, Umino, Naru, Nephrite, Starfighter, the
Blackmoon Boys, and more).
Some nitty gritty ordering info to include catalogue numbers,
ISBNs, and suggested retail price have been included for the VHS
versions of the Venus 5 films. Anyone have this same info for the
Japanese version and the laser discs?
The definition for doujinshi in section 12 has been modified
01. About this FAQ...
This FAQ was inspired by the cross posting of The Philosopher From
Hell s FAQ to The
readership of the newsgroup was so jealous of such a cool FAQ that they
clamored for one of their own! As a result, Cernovog, who also
maintains the FAQ, whipped up a FAQ
and continues to update it to this day!
FAQ availability
This FAQ is posted at least twice monthly to the newsgroup It is posted around the 15th of each month
to the newsgroup The FAQ is also available via
anonymous FTP at in the directory
Finally, if you really, really, desperately need a copy of the FAQ
and can not access it through these means, send e-mail to the FAQ
maintainer Smokey and he will e-mail you a
If you have something you would like to contribute to the FAQ or
if you have a question for the FAQ, send e-mail to the author, Cernovog
Got those addresses straight? Requests for the FAQ or comments
regarding posting, posting frequency, etc. go to Smokey. Updates for
the FAQ or questions about the FAQ itself or its content go to
02. What is Sailor Moon?
Sailor Moon is a Japanese television show and comic book (referred
to by aficionados as anime and manga, respectively) about teenaged
sailor-suited super heroines. For more info, see the
FAQ maintained by Ken Arromdee
Sailor Moon has almost nothing to do with actual sailing. :)
03. What s appropriate to post in
Any topic involving the sexuality of Sailor Moon. Adult-oriented
fan fics involving the characters of Sailor Moon are also welcome.
Frequently, discussion revolves around the sexual kinks of the
Sailor Senshi, opinions on who s sexiest and why, and sexual fantasies
involving the Sailor Senshi. You get the idea!
While you may choose to post binaries to the newsgroup, they are
not officially appropriate because this newsgroup is not in the
alt.binaries hierarchy. It s rare that a member of the readership of
this newsgroup complains about any on-topic post, but Usenet admin has
been known to cancel such posts.
It would be smarter to post binaries to and post a message to ASFS-M letting
everyone know where the pics (or sounds, or movies) are.
Commercial posts that have nothing to do with Sailor Moon are
inappropriate for posting and are cancelable. Take it to the biz
newsgroups or
04. Where can I find adult oriented Sailor Moon stuff (games, art, etc.)?
The best place to look is the newsgroup If your Internet access provider
doesn t carry this newsgroup you ve got two choices: 1) write to them
and ask them to subscribe to it (most of them will, especially
commercial ISPs) or 2) visit the newsgroup alt.internet.access.wanted
and look into either getting an additional new server or another ISP.
Yes, some places will sell you just their newsfeed for a small
fee. So you can keep your local ISP and just pay a little extra to get
your news from some other provider somewhere else in the world.
There are also a few FTP sites and web pages out there. However,
I m not about to list any of them in this FAQ without the express
permission of the site maintainer. The reason is, when such a site is
announced, it s usually inundated by leaches. The overwhelming traffic
usually forces the administrator to shut down the site -- sometimes for
good. No one wants to see that happen. So if you want in, you re just
going to have to keep your eyes open and find em them hard way. Sorry!
For adult-oriented Sailor Moon fanfics, visit the Adult
Millennium .
05. Where does this artwork come from?
Some are drawn from scratch by talented (but fortunately
slightly bent) artists who upload them to the Net for distribution.
Many of them are scans from doujinshi -- underground manga
(Japanese comics) which are often adult oriented-parodies of popular
series. Since many doujinshi are amateur works, they often have
very small print runs so the originals are rather hard to come by
=== Cut ===



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