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: [08/09] [EVA] FAQ EVA

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SEELE. Holding several Evangelion, the General-Purpose Humanoid
Decisive-Battle Weapon, it possesses the only combat force capable to
counter the Angels. However, its vulnerability to anti-personnel combat was
fully exposed when it received attacks from the Strategic Self-Defence
Force in ep.25 "Air".
[Nagisa Kaworu]
Fifth Children, who was sent by SEELE to NERV. However, his real identity
was the 17th Angel. Perhaps he was an Angel which was captured by SEELE at
his embryo stage. Different from other Angels, he has a mind quite close to
human s. On documents his birth-date is AD2000 September 13th. In human
form he made contact with Third Children (Ikari Shinji). Although he had
good feelings towards Shinji, he was strangled and killed by EVA-01 piloted
by Shinji. It was he who said "Life and Death are equivalent" and "Only one
life-form could be chosen to be given the future".
EVA-02 PRODUCTION MODEL. The first EVA in the world to be built for real
battles. Design and manufacture of components were done by Japan. The final
assembly and start-up experiment were done in Germany. It went through a
real battle when it battled with the 6th Angel which suddenly appeared
during its delivery to Japan. Afterwards, it joined in the defence of
Neo-Tokyo-3 and assumed the responsibility of ambushing the Angels.
Colouring is red. Dedicated pilot is Second Children --
Souryu Asuka Langley. Inside EVA-02 lived the soul of Asuka s mother --
Souryu Kyouko Langley.
[Mark of NERV]
The Secret Agency NERV has a mark which is composed of three parts: the
name of the organisation, a picture and a motto. The name of the
organisation is the 4 character word "NERV". The motto is "God is in his
heaven. All right with the world" (PY: the Japanese translation of this
English motto is given in the original text, which would be pointless to
translate back into English :-) , a section taken from "Pippa Passes",
written by a 19th century poet Robert Browning. And then the picture is a
half piece of fig leaf. The fig leaf, accoring to legend, is the symbol of
the original sin which entangled Adam and Eve. It reminds us of the human
who ate the Fruit of Wisdom.
A rectangular shaped boat. From Exodus in the Old Testament of Bible, Noah
received a revelation from God to build a huge Ark and put all animals pair
by pair onto it, thus saving all species from a world-scale flood.
In ep.26 the dialogue said by Fuyutsuki, "Is it becoming an Ark which saves
human from the nothingness of Third Impact?", touches on this legend.
[Command Centre (literal translation: Command Announcement Office]
A command room located inside the Central Combat Operation Room of NERV
HQ. It reminds one of the bridge of a military ship. During combat, seven
people including the commander, deputy commander, combat operation leader
would gather in this place to form the core staff. All the instructions
would then come from this room.
There are more than two such command centres in NERV HQ. Since the first
was destroyed during the intrusion by the 14th Angel, the second command
centre is currently in use.
By the way, below the command centre are three secondary command centres
and the original MAGI systems are installed there. This becomes the cause
of the hesitation of the invading JSDF over their tactics.
[Hyouga Makoto]
Rank lieutenant, belonged to the first section of the Bureau of Combat
Operation of the Central Combat Operation Command Deparment in NERV. He
serves as the combat aide-de-camp for Misato, the leader of the Combat
Operation HQ, and also responsible for things like analysis of the combat
situation. He has some good feeling towards Misato, his superior, and
lends his hand for her objectives, collecting intelligence information for
her at many occasions.
Birthday February 13th. Bloodtype B.
[First Children]
It means Ayanami Rei, the first suitable person picked by Marduk
organisation. She acts as the "experimented" for all experiments related
to E-Plan like the start-up experiment of EVA etc. She participated in
real battles as the dedicated pilot of EVA-00, and completed many ambush
operations against the Angels.
[Fuyutsuki Kouzou]
The deputy commander of the secret agency NERV. Before the Second Impact,
he taught in the University of Kyoto as the professor of Meta-Biology. It
is at the same place that he got to know Ikari Yui and Rokubungi Gendou.
Even shortly after the Second Impact, he was in opposition to Gendou.
However, after their meeting at the Research Institute for Artificial
Evolution, he suddenly changed and started to help Gendou. It also seems
that he holds not just a little good feeling towards Ikari Yui.
Birthday April 9th. Bloodtype AB.
[Plug Suit]
The dedicated uniform for EVA pilot. It has the effect of raising the
synch-rate and protecting the body etc. This suit is totally one piece
covering from feet to neck. Its structure is similar to things like
wet-suit. There will still be space between the suit and the body after it
is put on, but by clicking on a switch on the wrist the suit then sticks to
the body.
[Progressive Knife]
A melee fighting weapon which forms a blade with high-frequency vibrating
particles that cuts through the object of contact on a molecular level. It
is one of the standard equipments for EVA and is usually stored in a space
at the shoulders. EVA02 uses a new cutter-type knife -- even if the blade
is broken, a new blade will come out from the back by pushing a button,
making the knife useable again. It is often called in its abbreviated
form: Prog Knife.
[Frigate] (Furigeeto KAN)
A military ship standing by at the underground lake inside Geo-Front. It
has the high speed and sea-worthiness of a destroyer and can be used for
anti-submarine, anti-air and alert patrol purposes. Since the ship belongs
to NERV, at the broadsides of the ship the printed letters of "NERV" could
be seen. At ep.25 "Air", it is destroyed by the fighting between EVA02 and
A general name for phenol resin, used for heat and electrical isolation.
The Bakelite used in situations like stopping the EVA00 which ran berserk
during an experiment and transportation of ADAM etc is one of the
thermostatic plastic, which has the property of drying super quick to
become something like concrete. Since all physical motions of an object,
when wrapped by this Bakelite, can be brought to a halt, it is also used
to prevent the intrusion of NERV HQ by the Strategic Self-Defence Force
in ep.25 "Air". On the other hand, JSDF also uses Bakelite to cut off any
physical contact between Third Children and EVA00.
[Enchantment/Haunt] (IDAI/yoridake)
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