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: [09/09] [EVA] FAQ EVA

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An object to which spirits stick. Also an object that becomes a media
through which spirits manifest themselves. At ep.26, when SEELE uses
EVA01 and converts it into a Tree of Life, Fuyutsuki uses this term in
A giant crucified on a red cross at the extreme depth under NERV HQ. Its
face is covered with a mask which has the Arm of SEELE drawn on it. Its
hands are penetrated by nails that are stuck on the cross. Although it does
not have the lower body when it was pierced by the Spear of Longinus, it
grows its lower body after the Spear was pulled out.
Originally the Human Complementation Plan planned to use this Lilith.
However SEELE changed the plan after the Spear was lost, and they
attempted to use EVA01 for Complementation purpose. At that moment, Keel
Lorentz says this is "the copy of Lilith". By this it seems that EVA01 was
actually made by copying Lilith.
By the way, in the preaching literatures of the Rabbis, it was said that
Lilith (Lilit) was the very first wife of Adam. It was also said that
between Adam and Lilith were born the demons and spirits.
The name used by Nagisa Kaworu to mean human. From the legends, Lilin
(the name Lil-In is also used) was the children born between Adam and his
very first wife Lilith. After that, Lilith became a demon who attacked the
new-born babies, and seduced men who are sleeping so that they ejaculated
in their sleep.
[Spear of Longinus]
A giant spiral-shaped spear which can penetrate A.T.Field. The spear
splits into two branches at the one end, but these two branches will
recombine into one when the spear is thrown against an object and
penetrates it.
The spear was first used during the battle against the 15th Angel. It
destroyed the Angel on a satellite orbit. However the spear itself
reached the Moon and became unretrivable. That said, the real use of the
Spear is not meant to be a weapon. It seems that it is a necessary item in
the Complementation Plan which uses Lilith.
By the way, Longinus was the name of the soldier who used his spear to
pierce Jesus who was being crucified on cross. The spear is stored as a
relic by the St.Augustine Church in Rome.
[Spear of Longinus (copy)]
The fighting weapon used by the mass-production model EVA. It is modelled
on the Spear of Longinus and its shape and length can change. When it
penetrates a A.T.Field, the two tips which branch out from the spear s end
spiral into one and intrude into the field. At ep.25, this spear penetrates
the A.T.Field of EVA02 and then the still-fighting EVA02 itself, and EVA02
stops. This spear cannot be used for Complementation which involves Lilith,
but as a weapon it has almost the same power as the original Spear.
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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 17 98 20:29
: All p 19 98 14:44
: [01/09] [EVA] FAQ EVA

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THE RED CROSS BOOK (aka RCB) -- the final(?) canon of Evangelion
translated by Patrick Yip ( 1997/10/19
Want to repost or archive this? Just follow these rules:
1) Don t change the content, although formatting is ok. You can translate
it into html, just don t go inserting your own paragraphs, or changing
words (even spell-checking). If you want to translate this, you have far
too much free time on your hands. Mail me.
2) Bill me as "Patrick Yip ", despite what
email address you see this coming from.
3) Leave this disclaimer intact.
This applies to all my translation that have been released (either posted
to the Evangelion ML, or rec.arts.anime.misc). You don t need to send me
mail to ask permission to archive this, but it might be a nice gesture to
let me know you did it.
Now the real stuff. The first part contains the "commentary" of the RCB:
The Red Cross Book (referred to as RCB onwards) is the pamphlet sold in the
cinema to those who came to see the movie "the End of Evangelion". It cost
800 yen. The book is A-4 in size and landscape in orientation. The cover is
pitch black with a red Georgian cross superimposed on it, hence the name
"Red Cross Book". On the cross, the words "THE END OF EVANGELION" was
printed, in thin, match-like manner. What makes this book particularly
special and meaningful to all EVA fans is that, for the first time, we hear
the voice from Gainax about why and how the movies were made. We also know
a great deal about the answers to some of the most discussed after
mysteries in the anime. The "commentary" "glossary" and "production notes"
are three parts that are most informative. I shall strive to translate
these three sections so that all the EVA fans could know the latest update
of the "official" answers to the EVA mysteries (real-life or anime :-)
"THE END OF EVANGELION" is the final of the series "Neon Genesis
Evangelion". This movie is composed of the 25th episode "Air" and 26th
episode "True Heart to you" (Magokoro wo, kimi ni).
At the end of TV EP.24 "The last Shito/Nagisa", Kaworu Nagisa, the first
one who understands our hero Shinji Ikari, also the last Angel, was killed
Shinji s own hand. Ep.25 "Air" starts right after this. Therefore, Ep.25
and Ep.26 are the continuation of TV EP.24 "The last Shito".
In TV, after the EP.24, EP.25 "The end of the world" (Owaru Sekai) and
EP.26 "The one who calls only I/Love at the center of the world" (Sekai no
Chuushin de AI wo yondake mono) were shown, and the series ended
afterwards. Therefore, after the end of TV EP.24, the story of Evangelion
can be said to branch into two. There is one ending as shown in TV EP.25 &
26, while the Ep.25 & 26 as shown in "THE END OF EVANGELION" is another
ending. (Here we use the kanji number for TV Episode, and Arabic number for
the movie episodes) -- PY: I use EP for TV and Ep for movie --
TV "Neon Genesis Evangelion" was an anime series which ran from 1995
October to 1996 March. The planning and original story were done by GAINAX,
which is known to produce anime "The Wings of Oneamis" and "Fushigi no Umi
no Nadia", also games like "Princess Mecha". The animation production was
done by GAINAX and Tatsunokopuro.
"Neon Genesis Evangelion" has always been, since its inception to this
movie, evolving with the director Hideaki Anno as the centre. From the
theme, the skeleton of the story, up till the single pieces of the
dialogue, they all bear the stint of Anno s creative individuality.
When Evangelion was shown on TV, it received the enthusiatic support of
many fans. Discussions started on many topics: The intriguing SF settings,
the dyanmic fighting scenes, the metaphysical taste derived from the
appearance of many Christian and psychoanalytical jargons, the
super-intensive amount of information. Evangelion overtakes all prevous
anime on all these counts. It could be taken as real "Neon Genesis" of
anime. The tremendous popularity could match the biggest hits like "Space
Battleship Yamato" and "Mobile Suit Gundam". The "Eva phenonmenon" was
The big theme in Evangelion is the "heart of people". This is also one of
the attractions of this series which counld not be found in other anime
works. The relationship with others, the meaning of the existence of self,
what is the self.... Evangelion started as a realistic SF mecha action
anime. At first, the "people s heart" issue of the main characters is just
some add-on to the drama. However, as the plot moved forward, the issue of
"people s heart" grew much bigger than other elements like mecha actions or
the solutions to the mysteries.
At the last episode of the TV series, "Sekai no Chuushin de AI wo yondake
mono", it became an odd-looking episode which depicted only the internal
world of the hero Shinji Ikari. Although that was fulfilling for the main
theme, the drama of the characters and further development of the Eva world
were left unfinished as the story ended.
It became an exploding issue as the last TV episode was considered
incomplete. The voice of the fans grew stronger and stronger as they
demanded the proper ending of the drama, the explanation of the mysteries
or just a new story. With a view to meeting these demands, it was decided
to remake the EP.25 & 26.
At first, the remade episodes 25 and 26 were supposed to be released in
OVA, but during production it was decided that it would be a theatre
release. There is a "EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH" (Shito Shinsei) which
consists of the summary episode of the TV series "Death" and the new remade
"Air" which serves as a climax.
However, since later the content of the remake grew to an unexpected
proportion, the content shown in "REBIRTH" was actually 2/3 of the new
episode 25. As the first part of the final, "EVANGELION DEATH and REBIRTH"
was shown in March 1997.
It has been 4 months after "EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH", and now the
completion of the final is shown. This is this movie "THE END OF
As mentioned before, "THE END OF EVANGELION" is the continuaton from TV
EP.24 "The last Angel". All the Angels had died. Now the final phase, the
Human Complementation Project of Seele, had started. The Strategic
Self-Defense Force attacked the Headquarter of NERV. The deathly fight
between Asuka s EVA-02 and the mass production models of EVA series. The
resolved mysteries. And then, the ending of the HCP. The heart of
Shinji.... In Ep.25 (AIR) and Ep.26 (True Heart to You), the drama of main
characters, actions, solutions to the mysteries etc are all contained. Also
this is done in an experimental way, which strives to follow the TV series
in bringing up the real issue of "people s heart". As its title suggests,
this is the ending of the final of "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
The chief director and script play is Hideaki Anno. The castings of Ep.25
(Air) is Waya Tsurumaki (PY: don t know whether this is the correct
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