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: [03/09] [EVA] FAQ EVA

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is used in the scene in which the second half of the battle scene between
EVA-02 and mass production model EVA s is intermixed with the scene when
Gendou faced off Ritsuko. "Jesus bliebt meine Freunde" is from a
compliation of an existing source. It is used in the real life scene in
2 songs were written for "THE END OF EVANGELION", both are produced by
the team of Anno Hideaki and Sagisu Shiro. One is "THANATOS - IF I CAN T BE
YOURS", heard in the end of ep.25. This is the vocal version of the BGM
"THANATOS (E-13)" used in TV Ep.19 "Man s Battle". Vocalist is LOREN and
lyrics is by MASH. Song and arrangement is by Sagisu Shiro. THANATOS is the
god governing death in Greek mythology. It also carries a meaning of
"impulsive desire for death" in psychoanalysis.
As for the other song, it is the insert song used in ep.26 "Komm, suesser
Tod". The lyrics is the English translation of words composed by
chief-director Anno (PY: In my opinion, this is no translation, but
inspired rewriting of the Japanese words). The title is a German, meaning
"come, sweet death". Vocalist is Arianne, and song and arrangement are by
Sagisu Shiro.
There are altogether 18 BGM with new music and recording. The BGM used in
this movie were done according to the opinions from chief-director Anno. So
new music is even used in the part which repeats the story in "REBIRTH".
It can be seen that the Municipal Haishima Kindergarten of Akishima city is
billed in the "Thanks to" section in the telop. The is the kindergarten to
where the daughter of Ishikawa, the producer of PRODUCTION I.G., goes.
Since chief-director Anno wanted to use some children songs as close to
real-life recording as possible in the sand bank scene of ep.26, Ishikawa
and his team-mates went to that kindergarten and recorded the songs.
In the Glossary of the RCB, the words beginning with English alphabet
come first, followed by words beginning with Japanese characters, which
are arranged in the conventional order (a,i,u,e,o,ka,ki,ku...and so on)
This is the order sent out by the government of Japan at Neo-Tokyo-2 in
"Air", ep.25. The order means the "abolishment of the special legal
protection towards the intelligence organsization NERV, and the transfer
of its command to the government of Japan". Since "A-17" was issued when
the 8th Angel was captured, there has been other "A-" orders. They were
all emergency action orders related to NERV.
[A.T. Field]
Abbreviation of "ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD". A physical barrier of absolute
field put out by the Angels and EVA s. It boasts enormous defensive
power, and it is able to greatly reduce the power of all attacking
weapons. The ability of EVA to neutralize the A.T.Field of the Angels is
one major reason why EVA was considered as the only weapon against the
Angels. However, the same A.T.Field does not exist only in the Angels or
EVA s. Human also possesses this field. With this A.T.Field, human is
able to keep seperate from each other, and to stay in seperate physical
forms. Nagisa Kaworu explained A.T.Field as "a barrier of heart that
everybody has".
[BC Weapon] (B C HEIKI)
Biological and Chemical Weapon, meaning weapons like poison gas or
bacteria. "B" and "C" are the first alphabet of "Biological" and
"Chemical" respectively. In ep.25 "Air", Aoba Shigeru feared that the
Strategic Self Defense Force might deploy the BC Weapon.
The liquid that fills the cockpit of the Entry Plug. It is sticky and has
the smell like blood. It was discovered that when its molecular
arrangement is changed by electricity charge, the liquid can perform
several functions including the mental link between EVA and her pilot,
supplying oxygen and providing both physical and mental protection to the
pilot. The liquid that fills the lowest floor of the Terminal Dogma where
Lilith was located is also L.C.L. "L.C.L." is the abbreviation of "Link
Connected Liquid". There are many theories as to what exactly L.C.L. is,
but it seems that in fact it is what was called "the soup of life".
A supercomputer whose foundation theory was completed by the late
Dr.Akagi Naoko and implemented by her daughter, Dr.Akagi Ritsuko. It is
said that MAGI is the brain of the secret agency NERV. It devises, revises
and solves many of its mysteries and plans. MAGI is composed of three
systems: MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3. Final decision is made after
the conference of these 3 computers.
This computer is similar to human not just in the sense that it re-creates
on a computer the dilemmas usually held by human, it is also similar in the
sense that it uses a personality-transplant-OS which has the thought logic
pattern of human transplanted to the computer. The thought logic pattern
transplated to MAGI is that of Dr.Akagi Naoko. MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and
CASPER-3 has the transplanted thought pattern of Naoko as a scientist, a
mother and a woman respectively.
By the way, the name of "MAGI" comes from the name for the three wise men
from the east who prophesized the birth of Jesus (PY s note: this seems to
be a bit misinforming?) in the New Testament of Bible. MELCHIOR, BALTHASAR
and CASPER are their respective names.
At the beginning of movie ep.25 "Air", started from MAGI #2 at
Matsushiro, the five builds of MAGI from Germany, USA and China etc.
tried to hack into the original MAGI sitting in the NERV HQ.
[N^2 Weapon]
A weapon that possesses enormous destructive power and is owned by the UN
army and the Strategic Self Defence Force. There are many variations of
this weapon: N^2 mines, N^2 deep water charge, N^2 air charge, N^2 bombs
etc. At ep.25, when Aoba Shigeru mentioned his fear that BC Weapon might be
deployed, Hyouga Makoto replied that N^2 Weapon is equally dangerous.
[S^2 Engine] (S^2 KIKAN)
A power generation system based on the supersolenoid theory advocated by
Dr.Katsuragi (PY: Misato s father). When EVA is loaded with this engine,
its active time could be extended to infinity. All Angels possess this S^2
Engine, and EVA-01 got it when it devoured the 14th Angel. Moreover, all
EVA s from EVA-05 onwards also possess this engine and thus do not need
Umbilical Cable any more.
[Aoba Shigeru]
An operator of the Central Military Operaton Room in NERV HQ. His rank is
lieutenant. His responsibilities include communication, and data analysis.
His hobby is guitar. Birthday is May 5. Bloodtype A.
[Akagi Ritsuko]
A scientist belonging to the first section of the Techology Bureau of the
Technology Development Department in NERV HQ. She is responsible for the E
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