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: [04/09] [EVA] FAQ EVA

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Project and is the daughter of Dr.Akagi Naoko, who built the basic system
of MAGI. Usually in white coat, she consumes lots of coffee and tobacco
when she works. She is also a friend of Katsuragi Misato since college
years. Although like her mother she engaged in adultery with Ikari Gendou,
she rebelled against him at the final stage of the Complementation Plan. As
an act of taking revenge on him, she destroyed all the copies of Ayanami
Rei. As a result, she was placed under solitary confinement within NERV HQ.
However, since she is needed for the self defence of MAGI, she is released.
Birthday is November 21. Bloodtype B. Age 30.
[The Red Earth Purification Ceremony] (AkiChi no MISOGI)
A word spoken by the members of Seele in ep.26, when Geo-Front reverted
itself back into the "Black Moon" i.e. the Egg of Lilith. "Misogi"
originally means a religious ceremony in which body is cleansed through
bath in water. As an extension it means any method used to purify or
sanctify a certain object. While there is a theory that the etymology of
ADAM, the ancestor of all human, is red or earth, its link with the "Red
Earth" is unclear.
The first Angel. The giant of light spotted in Antartica. The rumour that
Adam was confined deep underground below NERV HQ turned out to be false
information. The giant underground is in fact Lilith. The real Adam is the
embryo-looking object brought by Kaji from Germany. This object was created
by human when they restored Adam back to the embryonic state after they
woke it up with S^2 Theory. This process seemed to be what had caused the
Second Impact.
Moreover, it was stated in Genesis of the Old Testament in Bible that
Adam was the first human created by God based on His image. There are
many theories as to what the word "Adam" means. "Earth", "Red" and
"Create" have been put forward as possible theories.
[Ayanami Rei]
First Children. The dedicated pilot of EVA-00. A young girl who
apparently lacks emotions. Her body was actually salvaged from what was
left behind of Yui s body inside EVA, and a lot of body copies were later
prepared in the Terminal Dogma so that when one Rei dies she could be
replaced by another. The present Rei is the third one. The first was killed
by Dr.Akagi Naoko; the second was killed in her battle against the 16th
Angel. Although the personalities of these 3 Rei are different from each
other, this is due to the environment. Their soul is one and the same.
Also, it seems that this soul was somehow derived from Lilith.
At the final stage of the Complementation Program, she betrayed Gendou,
returned to Lilith out of her own judgement and handed the future to
Gendou s son -- Ikari Shinji. Birth date unknown.
[Umbilical Cable] (Anbirikaru Keeburu or Dengen Keeburu/Power Cable)
The cable that is used to supply electric power to EVA from an outside
source because as a weapon EVA has a very short active time-limit. It can
be said as the weak point of EVA. This is noticed by the Strategic
Self-Defence Force, when during their attack on NERV they sent out
instructions concentrating the attack on the Umbilical Cable (which they
call Power Cable).
Moreover, Umbillical Cable [sic] means the blood vessels which extended
from baby s navel to the placenta of its mother s womb. This is taken to
mean that like babies who get their nutrients through these blood vessels,
EVA s get the electric power through the Umbilical Cable.
[Ikari Shinji]
Third Children. The dedicated pilot of EVA-01. Lost his mother when he
was still young, he spent his life until 14 living under an acquaintance of
his father. He was summoned by his father Ikari Gendou, the chief commander
of secret agency NERV, just when the 3rd Angel came to attack, and thus
became a EVA pilot. Although afterwards he stayed in Neo-Tokyo-3, he lives
in the apartment of his superior Katsuragi Misato because there is a deep
communcation gap between him and his father, who had been seperated from
him for a long time.
Having an introvert character, he often minds how he is looked at by
others. And since he is weak at self-expression and communication with
others, he frequently engages in repetition of avoiding problems and
disobeying orders. When NERV was attacked by the Strategic Self-Defence
Force, he was trapped in a state of lost self. This is why his
counter-attack was procrastinated.
Birthday June 6. Bloodtype A. Age 14.
[Ikari Gendou]
The commander of the secret agency NERV. His old surname was Rokubungi (PY:
it means sextant). He changed his name after he married Ikari Yui, whom he
knew since student years. He became the president of the Research Institue
for Artificial Evolution, which was actually a front cover for the works of
"E Project". After Yui died, he busied himself with "Adam Project" and
"Human Complementation Project". He got the support from SEELE, and managed
to realise things like the construction of EVA. However, his "honeymoon"
with SEELE lasted only until the elimination of the last Angel. Afterwards,
their differences in objectives became apparent and it developed into
violent military clashes.
Birthday April 29. Bloodtype A.
[Ikari Yui]
Wife of Ikari Gendou. It seems that at the very beginning she belonged to
SEELE. She was married to Gendou (originally Rokubungi Gendou), whom she
knew since the Kyoto University years, and gave birth to Shinji. After
marriage, she worked with Gendou in GEBIRTH and spent a lot of effort
towards the success of "E Project". Died in an accident during an
experiment in 2004. Nevertheless, her soul stayed on within EVA-01. It
seems that this accident was actually intended by her will. Age when she
died: 27.
[Ibuki Maya]
Second Lieutenant. Belonged to the First Section of the Bureau of
Techonology in NERV HQ, she is responsible for tasks like the monitoring
of the Synchronisation Rate of EVA pilots and the gathering and analysis
of EVA-related data. She respects very much Dr.Akagi Ritsuko, her
immediate superior. For personal character, it is said that she is
fastidious, but honest and sincere.
Birthday July 11. Bloodtype A. Age 24.
[Secret Dead Sea Scrolls] (URA SHIKAI BUNSHO)
A document that seems to be used by Seele for the direction of their
actions. Following what was recorded in "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls", Seele
built EVA and fought the battles against the Angels. It seems that this
same document also recorded all invading Angels.
By the way, the "Dead Sea Scrolls" as exists in real life was dug out
from a cave near the Dead Sea of Israel in 1947. Its contents include the
"Old Testament" of Bible and its acryophaea.
[Entry Plug]
A capsule-shaped cockpit inside which the EVA pilot sits. EVA is started
by the insertion of such plug into its back neck (the same applies to the
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