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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 21 98 07:59
: Konstantin Dorokhov 22 98 13:10
: Fly me to the moon

Ohayou gozaimasu, Konstantin!
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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 21 98 08:30
: All 22 98 13:10
: Re: Disney and Miyazaki films: DVD or not

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/496.90)
: "AnimeNut" (Thursday May 21 1998 00:35)
* : All
* : Re: Disney and Miyazaki films: DVD or not

: First of all, the statement that DVD runs at a different frame rate
:is complete bull. DVDs can be encoded from anywhere from 24 - 30 fps and
:I ve read it can even do the 3:2 pulldown in the hardware for displaying
:on the video monitor. However, that really doesn t matter since American
:theatrical animation and Japanese theatrical animation are both projected
:at 24 fps! Cinema projection is pretty much an international standard, you
:which is why they don t have to strike different prints for different
: Where did you read that DVD uses a lower frame rate? Didn t you
:stop and think that it would make it incompatible with US video?
:Oh, and Buemna Vista just posted an email to the DVD newsgroup that
:there has been no plans to release the animated features on DVD yet,
:but that they would be released "in parity" with Divx releases.
:In other words, Divx and DVD releases would come out at the same time.
Japanese Animate features are not at 24 fps you re lucky to get 20
Only 5 animated films from have used the 24 fps rate (AKIRA, MONONOKE HIME,
Ghost In the Shell, Neon Genesis Movies)
The animation that hits our market (most of which are TV SERies) are not
animated using this rate. The fps speed for Anime is anywhere between 18-20
fps. Which is why anime looks so jerky". comapred to disney s at least
24-30 fps which looks like crap on DVD. I ve seen Space Jam and it looks
really bad compared to the Japanese Animation that I ve seen on DVD.
Disney has no plans (yet) to release their animated features on DVD until
DVD fixes the problem with fps encoding and until they can earn more money
on them with the DIVX system (which I believe will be the downfall, since no
one wants to pay to watch a movie again, in their own home - and with kids
who watch a particular movie over and over again, who d want to pay $24 for
a movie they could have owned in the first place on another system?
Disney even says that none of their animated features will be available on
DVD until they test out DIVX. if divx fails (and I believe it will) then
they will release their features on DVD. But other disney films - non
animated or semi animated, will be released simutlatneously on both DVD and
and DISNEY has had no talks about releasing any of hte Ghibli films in any
other format except for LD and VHS. The market for both DVD and DIVX is
still too young for them to gamble with having their titles from Ghibli on
those formats.
And as I said we have to wait and see, since KIKI is the first Ghibli title
that will be available (VHS confirmed, LD still in talks).
DVD and DIVX versions info of this movie have not been confimred, nor
released. Divx makes its debut this summer,. so if DIVX survives, (in their
dreams), maybe it will be available.
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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 21 98 08:35
: Konstantin Dorokhov 22 98 13:10
: y ?

Ohayou gozaimasu, Konstantin!
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