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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/496.90 21 98 08:36
: Maxim Krutyko 22 98 13:10

Ohayou gozaimasu, Maxim!
Maxim Krutyko wa Alex Lapshin ni kaita...
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pp Urotsukidoji... ;-)

: Maksim Bodrov 2:5020/464 21 98 09:31
: All 22 98 13:10
: Sailor Moon

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SM? , ?
p - ?
... "shake head" *HEAD RATTLES* Why always rattle head?...

: Mikhail Ramendik 2:5020/768.45 21 98 15:05
: Evgenie Medvedev 22 98 13:10
: Re: ?

Hello Evgenie!
19 May 98 18:58, Evgenie Medvedev wrote to Mikhail Ramendik:
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, :( , . H - .
, .
Best regards,
[Team Anna Sheridan] e-mail: mikhram AT (AT means @)

: Dimas 2:5020/400 21 98 19:38
: All 22 98 13:10
: Re: Sailor Moon

From: "Dimas"

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H - (2,3,5,..)
, "",
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E-mail: WWW Dimas13&SailorMoon In Russia
ICQ 7655836
Maksim Bodrov wrote in message <895743088@f464.n5020.z2.fidonet.ftn>...
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              ... "shake head" *HEAD RATTLES* Why always rattle head?...

: Dimas 2:5020/400 21 98 19:48
: All 22 98 13:10
: [FAQ] rec.arts.anime.moderated Frequently Asked Questions

From: "Dimas"
Posting-frequency: weekly
Last-modified: 1998/02/22 01:56:11
Version: 1.8
Rec.arts.anime.moderated Frequently Asked Questions

_Copyright (c) 1996-1998, Brian Edmonds_

$Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 1998/02/22 01:56:11 $

This FAQ is posted regularly to rec.arts.anime.moderated, and is also
available from the following locations:
* send mail to with the following
line in the body of the message: send anime raamfaq.txt


* Contents
* What is rec.arts.anime.moderated?
* How do I get the group on my local news server?
* Ok, so how do I post to it?
* So what are these subject line tags?
* Help, my posting bounced!
* I posted days ago, but nothing has shown up!
* Do I still need to read other raa groups?
* How do I become a robomoderation site?


What is rec.arts.anime.moderated?

Rec.arts.anime.moderated (raa.mod) is a companion group to
rec.arts.anime.misc (raa.misc). It is moderated by a computer program
(a process called robomoderation) to enforce the use of subject line
tagging and limited crossposting. It is not currently an official
Usenet group, but is in a testing period to determine if it is
successful in addressing the problems inherent high traffic (and high
noise) groups such as raa.misc.

There are two main moderation criteria:
Articles may be crossposted to no more than three groups. Also,
articles may not be crossposted to other groups in the raa
hierarchy except for raa.misc.
Articles must make use of subject line tagging. For more
details, see the section on subject line tagging.

The robomoderation script will also cull postings from raa.misc which
meet the robomoderation guidelines and repost them into raa.mod with
an additional [CULL] tag. Message-IDs and References are remapped to
avoid collision with existing articles and to allow threading to
operate normally within culled threads.


How do I get the group on my local news server?

Since this group has not yet been taken through the official process
for creating Usenet groups, you must approach your local news admin
and request that they carry the group specially. I would suggest that
you point him or her to this FAQ if they have any questions.

Below is a sample email that includes all the necessary information.
Note that your news admin may receive mail at any or all of the news,
usenet, or newsmaster email addresses. Of course, if you already know
your news admin in person, it may be more effective to approach him or
her directly.

To: newsmaster
Subject: new newsgroup request
I would like to see the newsgroup rec.arts.anime.moderated added to our
local newsgroups. It is an experimental, robomoderated newsgroup that
has not yet passed through the Usenet creation process, but is instead
running informally for a few months to evaluate its success. The group
submission address at the present time is:
For more information, contact Brian Edmonds . The FAQ
for the group can be found at
Thanks for your time.


Ok, so how do I post to it?

Once you have access to the group at your site, you should be able to
post to the group just as you would to any other group. Of course, you
should be aware that since this is a moderated group, your postings
will not appear in the group immediately, as they will be forwarded by
mail to the robomoderation system for approval.

Alternatively, you can also post to the group simply by posting to
raa.misc with appropriate subject line tagging. The recommended
approach is to crosspost to both raa.mod and raa.misc, as this avoids
duplication between the groups that the culling process introduces.

Until raa.mod is widely established, any postings to just raa.mod will
be automatically crossposted to raa.misc, with followups set to
raa.misc. Any posting which is already crossposted will be posted with
followups to the same groups minus raa.mod. Any existing Followup-To
header will not be changed, however. This is done because any articles
posted to raa.mod at a site which does not carry it will not pass
through the robomoderator and will be quietly dropped when they arrive
at sites which do carry it, due to the lack of moderator approval.
Those who know their sites carry raa.mod are encouraged to add raa.mod
back into the crosspost list (if appropriate, of course) when
following up to such articles.


So what are these subject line tags?

A subject line tag is a word composed of two to eight digits, letters,
periods, hyphens, or ampersands enclosed in square brackets. Lower
case letters in tags will be mapped to upper case for posting. Every
post must have one _primary_ tag which identifies the topic of the
posting. Every post may also have one _supplemental_ tag, which
further classifies the topic.

Primary tags are based on series names, for example [KOR], [RANMA],
[DBZ], and so on. They can also be more generic such as [INFO],
[MISC], [NOISE], and so on. Supplemental tags are extra bits of
information that are not directly related to anime, but are useful to
classify postings. Examples are [WWW], [SPOILER], [FANFIC], and
[REVIEW]. Subject lines that only have supplemental tags will be

There are a few noteworthy exceptions to these tagging rules. The
common supplemental tag [H] is specially exempted from the minimum
length of two characters. Another common tag, [Q] (along with [QUERY]
and [QUESTION]) is explicitly ignored - if you wish to ask a question,
classify it appropriately, and end the subject with a question mark.
The [DISC] (for discussion) tag has been seen a lot lately, but since
discussion is the whole purpose of the group, it adds nothing, and is
also explicitly ignored. Note that including an ignored tag does not
mean your posting will be rejected, as long as you have at least one
valid primary tag in the subject.

Finally, tags should appear at the start of the subject line, but
after any ``Re: prefix. The robomoderator will rewrite subject lines
to enforce this convention, so you don t actually have to worry too
much about where exactly you re putting the tag, so long as it s near
the start. If there are multiple tags present the robomoderator will
select the first primary and secondary ones it finds (left to right)
as the official tags. Anything, including otherwise valid tags, after
the first open parenthesis will be ignored, and when the line is
rewritten, any square brackets which are not part of an official tag
will be changed to round brackets.

A suggested list of subject line tags is available from:

All of that verbiage can be rather confusing, so here are a few
examples. Valid subject lines are shown as they will be rewritten. The
last couple demonstrate extra little rewriting touches that aren t
actually mentioned above.

* [WWW] new web page!
This will be rejected. It contains a valid tag, [WWW], but it is
only a secondary tag, and there is no primary tag present.
* [EVANGELION] does ADV really have it?
This will be rejected, since the tag is more than eight characters
in length. In this case, the tag [EVA] is in common use.
* [WWW][INFO] new web page!
[INFO][WWW] new web page! (Note how the primary tag is rewritten
to occur before the secondary tag.)
* a new subject (was [NOISE] an old subject)
This will be rejected. It contains a valid tag, [NOISE], but the
tag occurs after the first open parenthesis, so it is ignored.
* [NEWS] a new subject (was [NOISE] an old subject)
[NEWS] a new subject (was (NOISE) an old subject)
* Re: [MI] Kyoko-baby!, was [RANMA] Ryoga-baby!
Re: [MI] Kyoko-baby!, was (RANMA) Ryoga-baby!
* [MI] Re: Kyoko-baby! [FANFIC][WWW]
Re: [MI][FANFIC] Kyoko-baby! (WWW) (Note in this last three
examples how accepted tags are moved together and any extra tags
are rewritten with regular parentheses.)
* Re: [DISC][DBZ] Trunks in shorts?
Re: [DBZ] (DISC) Trunks in shorts? (Note how the specially ignored
tag [DISC] is remapped to regular parentheses and placed away from
the accepted tags.)
* Re: Re2: [MI] Kyoko-baby!
Re: [MI] Kyoko-baby! (Note how commonly broken (and duplicated)
``Re: styles are remapped into a single, standard ``Re: .)
* [NOISE] Kyoko-baby???? What!!?!!!!!?? Argh!!!!!!!!
[NOISE] Kyoko-baby? What!? Argh! (I think this is the only
personal fetish I ve allowed into the rewriting. If people are
really upset by this, it can come out, but I really think it
improves readability...)


Help, my posting bounced!

This is how the system informs you that your post was rejected. In the
``session transcript part of the bounce message you should find a
short message indicating why the post bounced. Attached to the bottom
of the bounce message will be the post itself so you can edit and
resubmit it if you wish.

To fix your post, make sure that it is crossposted to no more than two
groups other than raa.mod, and they do not include any group in the
raa hierarchy other than raa.misc. Did you use square brackets around
the tag? Make sure you don t use any invalid characters in the tag, or
it will be rejected. This particularly means no spaces or tabs.
Choosing a tag from the recommended list is the safest approach.

If you think you have found a bug in the robomoderation program, such
as incorrectly rejecting a tag or crossposted newsgroup, send a copy
of the rejection notice to the address below, and it will be looked


I posted days ago, but nothing has shown up!

First of all, the group _must_ be carried on your local server as a
moderated group. If this is not the case, then your posts will be sent
directly into the regular news system, not mailed to the
robomoderator. If this happens, as soon as they reach a server where
the group exists as moderated, they will be discarded.

Second, it is possible that the group has been correctly created as
moderated, but the submission address has not been set in the
appropriate configuration file. In this case, all postings will be
sent to UUNET, which is currently not accepting them. You need to
contact your news admin and request that the moderator for the group
be properly configured from the submission address given in the sample
letter earlier in this FAQ.


Do I still need to read other raa groups?

That entirely depends on what you think you need to get out of your
news reading. The easiest way to add raa.mod to your regular news
reading would be to read it before raa.misc, and put the tag [CULL] in
your raa.mod killfile. This way you will see anything posted to
raa.mod, as well as all raa.misc crossposts in the less noisy forum of
raa.mod, and you will not have to deal with any duplication from
raa.misc introduced by the culling process.

If (and hopefully when) raa.mod reaches a wide degree of usage, then
many people who do not feel the need to follow every little thread
that may crop up on raa.misc will be able to drop that group in favour
of raa.mod.

Note that raa.misc (and at present, rec.arts.anime) are the only
groups that are culled, so if you have an interest in any of the
other, more specialized groups in the hierarchy, you will have to
continue to subscribe to them. It would be simple to cull these other
groups as well, but it would be of dubious benefit, except perhaps in
the case of the fandom group. This may be experimented with in the
next few months.


How do I become a robomoderation site?

The robomoderation script has been written to allow multiple
moderation hosts to act in parallel and thus improve the propagation
time of articles with multiple injection sites. Eventually it would be
idea to have a dozen or so sites across the globe all serving as
moderation sites. It is currently running only on a C-News system, but
should be easy to port to INN.

Ideally, the script keeper at each site should have a solid working
knowledge of Unix, perl and the news system, and have participated in
the rec.arts.anime groups for at least a year. Each keeper will
preferably be employed at the site, and have official permission to
run the robomoderation system. If you fit these criteria and would
like more information, please contact Brian Edmonds


Brian Edmonds, February 21, 1998



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