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: Boris Ivanov 2:5020/1779 25 98 06:09
: All p 27 98 14:27
: [REVIEW] Kiki s Deliver Service (dub) @ Seattle Film Festival

* Forwarded by Boris Ivanov (2:5020/1779)
: (DamienRoc)(Sunday May 24 1998 17:27)
* : All
* : [REVIEW] Kiki s Deliver Service (dub) @ Seattle Film Festival

Well, yesterday (Saturday, May 23) turned out to be one of the best days of my
life... Probably up there with Friday, July 4, 1997.
Before I get onto the review, I ll have to insert my immediate reaction to
seeing Kiki (my fav. movie of all time) on the big screen...
Now, the review.
The movie itself is excellent. It is not only one of the best anime ever made,
but also one of the best movies of all time. The story is coherent and
consistent. The characters believable and empathizable (?) and the setting
really draws a person in.
The art is also amazing. With wonderful character designs, and incredibly
smooth animation, it s so easy to be drawn into Kiki s world.
On the basis of the movie alone, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) should pick up
a copy when it comes out (Sept. 1 for N. America, IIRC) ASAP. Also, check for
local film festivals in your area throughout the year to see if it ll get
played on the big screen.
Before I talk about the dub, I have to admit that I have an extreme bias in
favor of Minami Takayama and Rei Sakuma, the original voices for Kiki and Jiji
However, even taking that into account, the dubbing was not only superb, it is,
by far, the best dub I ve ever seen. Kirsten Dunst did a wonderful Kiki,
voicing perfectly the independent, young witch.
But moreso than that Phil Hartman was perfect as Jiji. Almost everyone I talked
to beforehand about this casting choice cringed. They couldn t imagine him
doing the part well. I don t think I could stress enough how well he does the
part. The audience loved Jiji s lines, laughing uproariously whenever he
cracked a joke.
In hindsight, I realize that there are few people who could do the part as well
as Hartman. He has a natural sarcasm to his voice that is very similar to how
Rei Sakuma voice acts. Hartman doesn t ape her voice (he speaks deeply in the
dub) but he still does the part perfectly.
But having the main character voices perfect isn t something entirely new in a
dub. There have been others. Where Kiki blows all previous dubs away is in the
BACKGROUND voices. Too often, what undermines a dub is the extras. They don t
sound convincing.
Disney obviously spared no expense to make this the best dub they could. All
the voices are good, from the main characters to the smallest bit part with one
line. I believe that this certainly helped captivate the audience (tho the
movie was certainly good enough to do that) I don t think there was a bored
person in the house.
The Opening and Closing songs were redubbed. Both had a very nice feel that fit
the movie quite well. I m not too familier with the originals (tho I listened
to them almost immediatly afterwards) so I don t know which are better, but the
dub songs were certainly up to par.
What? After all that gushing, you wonder what could be bad about the movie?
Well, to be honest, there was nothing (IMNSHO) bad about the movie. There were
a few problems, however, with the showing of the movie.
A small annoyance was that the sound wasn t turned on immediatly. So we missed
hearing the radio announcer at the beginning while Kiki is lying on the grass.
A bigger problem was that the SIFF apparently did not know their seating
capacity. There were numerous seats open for extra seating, yet I found out
afterwards that they cut the line off. Two of my friends (at least) did not get
There is a possibility (I was told) that a second showing may happen. I stress
POSSIBILITY. So if it doesn t happen, don t blame me. I didn t hear it directly
from the SIFF anyway.
None. Zilch. Nada.
Kiki s Delivery Service should go over extremely well among the mainstream
public. Not like a Disney film would, but it should be incredibly popular.
It has the very nice aspect of having some mature parts to it. Kiki is a
children s film, yes, but there is enough there to keep adults occupied for
more than one showing.
For any parents who don t want to show their kids mind-fluff, Kiki is heartily
The original Japanese titles and credits were included, without subtitling, so
any exact production notes (esp. regarding the dub) aren t available yet. I m
guessing that they used an original Japanese film roll, and played the dub
track to it. The video release will have redone titling and credits.
I ve heard over the Miyazaki ML that there will be future showings on the big
screen. The only specifics I ve heard are for the Nashville International Film
Dates and times:
June 11 and 13 at 10:00 am
I m not totaly sure about this, so check yourself. I also don t know the number
to call to order tickets.
Also from the Miyazaki ML: Disney only has the rights to the movies, not to any
merchandising deals. So there will be no Kiki Happy Meal (damn!) or,
apparently, release of the soundtrack (double damn!) I m hoping this can change
in the future.
The Disney rep at the showing said that they are considering a subtitled
release. Whether or not that does happen, tho, pick up a copy of Kiki ASAP.
Laputa should be released early next year, under the title of Castle in the
Sky. Apparently, the dubbing is done for it.
Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) should be released sometime in the "second
quarter of 99". I take that to mean a spring release.
Damien Roc
a Mike Stackpole fan since 1992
Umi s Champion
Nuriko s Honor Guard
"You, Strong Men!
I will destroy your pleasure to fight,
And give you final ecstasy."
-Morrigan (Rei Sakuma), Vampire Hunter, the Animated Series
Ohayou gozaimasu, All!



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